We offer independent artists and labels the same level of service and quality that our Grammy and Juno winning clients have come to expect...and at reasonable rates!


Our mastering engineer, Andy Krehm, who was a pro studio/theatre musician and producer in his previous career, believes in taking a sympathetic and flexible approach when working with clients. Knowing that there is more than one way to master a song or album, he will not attempt to judge or change what you wish to accomplish but will instead help you to reach your goals with suggestions and provide you with practical options, if necessary. If you need advice or ideas, whether it be to improve a mix for mastering or what direction to go in the mastering, it will be freely offered!

Andy encourages communication, whether attending or having your tracks mastered remotely. If not attending, he appreciates emails and/or calls to discuss any concerns or direction re your project.

Stylistically, Andy has mastered just about every genre of music...pop, rock, dance, club, electronica, metal, hip hop, world music, blues, roots, country and jazz...he is familiar and comfortable with them all!


SilverbirchMastering easily meets the 5 point checklist that is generally acknowledged to be the main attributes of top rated mastering studios world-wide. A studio that has ALL these elements gives you the best chance to get great results!

1) Full-time mastering engineer with extensive experience

2) Recognizable and verifiable credits

3) Professionally designed, purpose-built mastering studio

4) High quality, full range and neutral sounding speaker system

5) Equipped with the finest mastering-specific outboard gear (tube, solid state and digital)

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