Mastering Brochure

IMAGINE...You have just finished mixing your new album at STUDIO LE TRIPLE A and although it cost a fortune, it sounds great, the best work you've ever done. But instead of celebrating, you are worried, because the mastering job of your last album actually made the mixes sound worse. It was as loud as your favourite major label album but distorted, brittle and thin sounding! This time, you are determined to find the right mastering studio so that the production CDs sound as good, or better, than your original mixes.

You have just finished mixing your album at your friend's basement studio, FAULTY FREQUENCIES, and although it sounded good at the time, it doesn't sound so hot when you listen on your home or car stereo. The bottom is boomy, the vocals are too harsh and when the guitars aren't playing, there is an annoying hiss in the background. Unfortunately, there is no budget to remix and you are wondering how you can transform this mess into a serviceable master.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Mastering And Why Is It So Important?
  3. Since My Tracks Are Already Mixed To Stereo, How Can Any Major Changes Be Made?
  4. Mastering Services
  5. Silverbirch's Mastering set-up
  6. Mastering Equipment List
  7. A Technical Note Re Digital Mastering & Digital Workstations
  8. Backing Up Your Album Sequence
  9. From The Mastering Suite To Production CDs
  10. Operating Philosophy
  11. Mastering Room
  12. Mastering Rate Card

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