Selected other mastering clients: -->

Jessica Holmes (Lady Lola Productions)

Joydrop (Tommy Boy/BMG)

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (Electro-Fi)

Boys Night Out (Ferret Records)

BrandNew Sunset (Sony BMG)

Chris Whiteley (Electro-Fi)

David Braid (O_o Productions)

Decoded Feedback (Metropolis) (Dependent)

Elliot Brood (Warner)

Fathead (Electro-Fi)

Grimskunk (Hypnotic)

Ida Marie (Mercury/Waterfall)

Blackie And The Rodeo Kings (True North)

Lee Carr feat. Yung Joc

Mae Moore

Lester Quitzau (Festival)

Morgan Davis

Out Of Your Mouth (ViK/BMG)

P.J. Perry (Justin Time Records)

Selected Credits & Links to Sites with Sounds

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Listed alphabetically by Artist.
List shows : Artist Title Label

If you have had all or any part of your recording, mastering or CDs done at Silverbirch (recording/mixing/mastering/duplicating) and are not credited in our client's list, please send the info (Artist/Title/Label & website) to Andy Krehm.


A Minute Away - 84, Indie

Aaron Brock - Toccata, Indie

Aaron Wilkinson - More Pricks Than Kicks, Indie

Aavi Sreejini Savaari - Devotional Bhajans, Indie

Aavry Knapp - Greatest Hits, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Aavry Knapp - Daze In My Life, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Abashawl Band - Eritrean Traditional Instrumental Songs, Ferede Abreha

Abdalla Abubaker - The Millennium Instrumental Collection, Indie

Abdel Karim A. El. Kabli - Su'aad (Dalaib Rhythm), Kabli Trading & Investment Co. Ltd.

Abdinassir A. Sulub - Rabaso, Mandeeq Productions

Abena Richard - Back to the 60's, G. Gab Productions

Abraham - Moonlight Volume 1, Indie

Absolute - Absolute, Indie

Aconcagua - Aconcahua, T.B.A.

ACS - Coffee House, Indie

A.C.T.S.: Not My Will..., Indie,

Adadamu - Adadamu, G. Money Productions

Adam Kositsky - Little Car, Indie

Adikoo - Megye Mani, Sounds Unlimited Productions

Adriana - I'm Here, A & D Music Productions

Adriano Sousa - Deixa-ma te amar, Indie

Adriano Sousa - Crianca Da Rua, Indie

Adriano Sousa - Nos Estamos Juntos, Indie

Adwel International Ltd. - DWR Reporter (video presentation cd), Indie

After the Fall - After the Fall, Riverwolf Music

Afrika - Bita Nascimento, Indie

Aida Neves - Gentle Yoga, Sunlilyoga Production

Al Raposo - Meu Coraçåo, Indie

Alan Burlon - Nostalgia, Indie

Albert John Saxby - Essonville, Indie

Albert John Saxby - Bellbottoms Over Liverpool, Indie

Albert Schultz - Young At Heart, Jamia Records

Alex Baird - ish, Moksa Records

Alex Cantero - Luce de mi Tierra, Indie

Alex Mortimer - Songs From The Colonies, Indie

Alex Pangman - Can't Stop Me From Dreaming, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Alex Pangman & Her Alley Cats - Live In Montreal, Sensation Records

Alexis Radlin - Fishing For Sanity*, Moksa Records

Alleviation - Alleviation, Silber Records

Alias Donmillion - Music Money, Universal Music Canada

Alias Donmillion - Trap Rap, Universal Music Canada

All Else Fails - Against The Darkening Sky, Suicidal Bride Records

Almaz Tefferi - Zelela Weini, Indie

Alysha Gauthier - Light in the Darkness, Tavita Productions Inc.

Alysha Gauthier - I Answer The Call, Tavita Productions Inc.

Alyssa Ryvers - Drunk On Dreams, Music North Inc.

Amanda Morra - Kisses EP, Costa Music

Amélie - Amélie, Indie

Amy Sky - Breath of fresh Air, iTunes Release

An Accomplishment in Canadian Architecture, 1709 Hollis St., Halifax

An April March - Instruments of Lust And Fury, Bedazzled Records

An April March - Lessons In Vengeance, Bedazzled Records

An April March - Adagio, Bedazzled Records

An April March - It Goes Without Saying**, Bedazzled Records

Ana Bodnar - Embracing Peace, Indie

Ancient Animal Stories - Ancient Animal Stories, Star Communication

Anderson / Sloski - Footwork, Make It Real Records

Andre Forget - The Great Escape, Steam Music Management

Andrea Florian - Only Human, Bathsheba Records

Andrea Florian - Truths, Bathsheba Records

Andrea Florian - Somehurrygood, Bathsheba Records

Andrea House - Heart's Hotel, House Records

Andrée Bernard - Andrée Bernard, Indie

Andrew Jacob - Songs For Saint Annie, Pivotal Productions

Andrew Lockington - Saint Ralph, Ellchris Records

Andrew Scott - Blue Mercer, Sackville Records

Andrew Scott - This One's For Barney, Sackville Records

The Andrew Scott Quartet meets Dan Block and Jon-Erik Kellso - Nostalgia, Sackville Records

AndyMcClelland - Who's There?, Silversmith Records - 2010

Andy Sheppard - Andy Sheppard, S.T.R

Andy Swan - A Morning At The House Of Miracles, Kelp Records

Angelica - Remember Who You Are, Stream Entertainment

Angelo Tsarouchas - It's All greek To Me (Comedy Show), Funny Greek Productions

Ani's Whisper - Beauty, Borderland Records

Anna MacDonald - Anna, Indie

Annie Jackman - Hooray For A Happy Day, Kassiopia Entertainment

Annie MacLean - Star Of The County Down, Faylou Records

Annie Marleau - Alive, Serendipity Music

Annique - Once Upon A Time..., Indie

Anthony Garcia - Surrender, Indie

Anthony Salvatore - The Peace Within, Indie

Anvil - Absolutely No Alternative, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Anvil - Speed of Sound, Massacre Records

Anvil - Anthology, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Anvil - Anthology, Vol.1, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Anvil - Plenty Of Power, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Anvil - Still Going Strong, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Any December - Hide & Seek, Indie

Approaching Zero - Jungleman, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company - Descent of Ishtar, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company - Oyoun, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company - Nawaem, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company Orchestra - Asala I Live, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company Orchestra - Asala II Live, Indie

Arch Rockefeller - Into Thin Air, Sanitary Music

Arden and the Tourists - Rock, Ski & Roll, Indie

Ariane Mahryke - Double Entendre, Indie

Ariel - Withdrawn, Plan Eleven

Arika Kane - Arika Kane, BSE Records

Arlene Dalton - Beacon (A Guided Meditation & Relaxtion), Indie

Arny G - Arny G, Indie

Arsenals - Stomp****, Moon Records

A.S.A.P.- Warm Fire, Pit Stop Music/All Kinz Music

Ashley Bee - Excuse Me, E.W.A.Records

Ask Herion Sally - Vein, Deadsix Communications

Asmus Tietchens - Seuchengebiete 3, Artware Products

Aspects of Electrosurgery - a self-study cd-rom for healthcare professionals, University Health Network

Ass Machine - Pride of Bovinia, Indie

Ass Machine - We Are Changing Our Name, Indie

Assume No Order - Exit Dark, Indie

Astro Groove - Astro Groove, Spinning Round the World Records

Ato Sew - Youth Of Ethopia, Indie

Audrey Gordon - ... Still Waiting, Indie

Aurora - ...Scribbled in the Margins, Indie

Austin John - Austin John, Indie

Austin John - People, Places, Things, Indie

Autodidacts - Autodidacts, Dangerous Alliance Records

Autorickshaw - Autorickshaw, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

Autorickshaw - Four Higher, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

Autorickshaw - So The Journey Goes, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

Axel Dorner - Diego Chamy - What Matters To Ali, C3R

Aymara' - Musica Para La Vida*****, Indie


Back II Back - Still Missing You, Bighooks Records Productions

Bad Blood - 1400+, Supermomo Records

Bad Blood - Amplify, That's You Music

Bageshree - Bageshree, Indie

Bageshree - Tarana, Indie

Barbara Fulton - Somebody New, Indie

Barry Haggarty - Old Days, Indie

Barry Haggarty - If These Walls Could Talk, Indie

Basement 11 - Softcore, Indie

Bayside Secondary School - Course Calendar 2009 - 2010, Indie

Bayside Secondary School - Course Calendar 2010 - 2011, Indie

Bellevue - Lost In Space, Music Maul Industries

Bellúz - Bellúz, Third Ear Records

Beneath Agusta - Mellanova 00-03, Aporia

Ben and Aubrey - Lost In Paradise, Baub, Inc.

Ben D'Cunha & Bob Fenton - Owners of the Planet, Indie

Benjy Osagbaekhoe - Thank You For My Life, Indie

Bent - Bent, Indie

Bercy - I Dream & I Believe, NTH Entertainment

Bernard Taylor - Stepping Stones For Slippery Slopes, Indie

Bernie Greenspoon - Moodswing Productions-Visual Music, Bernie Greenspoon/Fresh Picked Music

Besharah - Cereal Suits, Curmudgeon Music/Phraen Hussy Prod.

Beth Fox & Theresa Foley - A Promise Come True, Humanwave Records

Better Than Blue - Bloom, Coalition Entertainment Management

Bev Marie - The Gift, Indie

Bhakti - Journey of the Heart, Limitless Music

Big Change - Big Change, Glynda Lynn Promotions

Big Rude Jake & His Gentlemen Players - Butane Fumes & Bad Cologne, Big Rude Records

Big Rude Jake - Blue Pariah, Big Rude Records

Big Rude Jake - Defiance, Big Rude Records

Bill Bourne - Voodoo King, Second Storey / Festival

Bill King's Rhythm Express - Beat Street, 7 Arts Entertainment

Bill McBirnie (Featuring Mark Eisenman and The Trio) - Nature Boy, Indie

Bill McBirnie Duo / Quartet (Featuring Bernie Senensky, Neil Swainson & John Sumner) - Paco Paco, Indie

Bill Newman - Love Unconditional, Indie

Billy Boy Arnold - Consolidated Mojo, Electro-Fi Records

Billy Boy Arnold - Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy, Electro-Fi Records

Biovail Corporation - Making the Vision a Reality, Indie

Black Euphoria - Black Euphoria, Indie

Black Tie Affair - Black Tie Affair, Wounded Souls Publishing Co.

Blackie & The Rodeo - Kings High Or Hurtin', True North

Blake Puskas - Conversations With My Shadow, Indie

Blanche - Flexees Lovable Nemo*8, Blanche

Bleep - IMM 0008, TeknoStan Records

Bleep - Datenbergbau, TeknoStan Records

Blues Element - Baby's Got The Blue, Independent

Blues Element - Are You Ready, Independent

BMV - the beginning, Esja Entertainment, Iceland

Bob Cook - Free Spirit Fred, Unherdof Productions

Bob Jahrig - Colour of the Moon, Indie

Bob Robertson - Decolores, RDR Productions

Bobby Irie - Batchelor Blues (single), Planet Records

Bobnoxious - Bobnoxious, Wannabe Records

Bonehouse - Bonehouse, Ilium Music

Bonnie James - Between the Covers, Indie

Boobie Browne & the Onions - Birth of the Chickenpick, Indie

Boogiewall Soundsystem - Super My Own Band, Boogiewall Productions

Bound Ether - Children of the Shift, Indie

Bourbon Tabernacle Choir - Shyfolk*****, Yonder Records

Bowfire - Live, Lenny Solomon Productions Inc.

Boy Ballz - Put Yer dick On It, Indie

Boys Night Out - 50 Million People Can’t Be Wrong, Ferret Records

Brain Tuel - Black & White, Indie

BrandNew Sunset - BrandNew Sunset, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Brandon Scott - Brandon Scott with Attic Salt****, Curmudgeon Music Prod.

Brandon Scott & Lizzie Shanks - Demonstratives***, Curmudgeon Music Prod.

Brasheet - Worthy Of Praise, Indie

Braithwaite & Whiteley - Night Bird Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Braithwaite & Whiteley - Morning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Breithaupt Brothers Songbook - Live at the Yonge Centre for the Performing Arts, Green Dolphin Music

Brent Atkins - Hello Hello! Introducing Brent Songs for Children, Red Pants Records

Brian G. Birnie - Enjoy The Celebration!, Indie

Brian Blain - Who Paid You To Give Me The Blues?, Blainco Music

Brian Blain - Overqualified For The Blues, Northern Blues Music

Brian Pitcher - Did You Hurt Her Agian, Crown Boy Music

Brick Mallery Private Investigator - Episode One, Scenario Productions

Brick Mallery Private Investigator - Episode Two, Scenario Productions

Brie - Seasons Of Faith, Brie Kroeker

Brtitish Columbia Federation of Woodlots Assoc. - B.C.'s Woodlot License Program, Woodlot Product Development Council

Broken Joe - Long Walk To Nowhere, Indie

Brookside Youth Chorus - Only One Step, Indie

Broomfiller - Watching The Girls Go Bi, Sterile Records

Bruce Cockburn - When you Give It Away, radio edit from the album Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu - True North Records

Bucketmouth - Slow, Bucketmouth Music

Bumfish - Swimming Sounds, Grasshopper Nightmare Music

Bur Monter - Fell, Eilethyia

Burn The Past - Surviving The Last Days Of Autumn, Advance Records

Burst - Return to Vino Island, Indie

Butternut - Butternut, Butternut Music

Buzz Thompson And The Honeybees - It's Yesterday Once More, BTHB


Cabana - Charger, Indie

Cadence - frost-free, Cadence-unplugged

Cadence - Twenty For One, Cadence-unplugged

Cadence - SpeakEasy, Cadence-unplugged

Cadillac Ranch - Ranch Songs, K. Armstrong

Caitlin Hanford - Bluer Skies, Outside Music

Calico Jack - The Oyster Wife Songs of the Chesapeake Bay, Indie

Cam MacInnes - Mushroom Dirt, Indie

Canadian Cancer Society - Relay For Life School Program, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society - Fuelling A Clean Future, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society - The Next Generation Of Simulation Tools, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society - Steam Generator Conference, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society - Atoms for Power, Health & the Environment, Indie

Cantores Fabularum - From Pennies in a Cup, Indie

Cantores Fabularum - Keeping Vigil 'Till The Morning, Indie

Capitol Woodwind Quintet - A Musical Toast, Americus

Car Go Zoom - Crazy, Zoom Town Productions

Car Go Zoom - e.p., Zoom Town Productions

Carey Shearer - You've got me lookin' for your love, Carey Shearer Records

Carla Hansen - Never Alone, Dreamgirl Music

Carlo Coppola - Moving, Move Productions

Carol Bruce - Moving, My Sanctuary Music

Carol Farrar - Red Spirit Rising... , Amphisbaena Music

Carrie Alice Williams - A Bird In Hand, Indie

Cass Marie & The Blackfeather Band - Love's Uncertain, Indie

Castrum - Hatenourisher, Bloodbucket Productions

Castrum - Mysterious Yet Unwearied, Bloodbucket Productions

Castrum - Phenomenonsense, Bloodbucket Productions

Casual Damage - Beyond Repair, Indie

Catarina Cardeal & Mike Siracusa (15) - Fado Blues, CBC Radio / Lula Lounge

Celebration Of Praise - Your Love is Everywhere, Celebration of Praise Recordings

Celeste - Not My Will, New Notes Music

Centre Hastings Secondary School - 2004/2005 CD Yearbook, Indie

Centre Hastings Secondary School - 2005/2006 CD Yearbook, Indie

Ceol Eclectique - Ceol Eclectique, Joe Radio

Chakademus & Pliers - Back Against The Wall, Explorer Recording Inc.

Chameleon Project - Stereoscopic, Chameleon Project

Charlie Angus & The Grievous Angels - Hanging Songs, Jimmy Boyle Records

Charles Offor - Mount Nebo, Indie

Cheap Suits - Lookin' For a Deal, Indie

Chef Peter T - Come and Get It, Indie

Children's Community Choir - Take 5!, Juli Bridgeman

Chimela - The Artist Formerly Unknown As Michael Luce, MIL Music

Chithian Ishq Dian - Pamma, Newtek Music

Chloe Albert - Dedicated State, Indie

Chopfallen - Her Life, Swampy Records

Chris Antonik - Chris Antonik, Indie

Chris Evans - Autumn in The Valley, Amphisbaena Music

Chris Flinchbaugh - Postmarked For Yesterday, Indie

Chris Kenny - Something So Right, Indie

Chris Page - Decide To Stay And Swim, Kelp Records

Chris Robinson - ... Pleased To Meet You, Indie

Chris Stapley - I Was Just On Hold, Indie

Chris Whiteley w/special guest Curley Bridges- It's The Natural Thing To Do, Electro-Fi Records

Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite - Delta Phonic Love Letters, Electro-Fi Records

Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite - Morning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Christ Vs. Krishna - Christ Vs. Krishna, Indie

Christianne - Doomsday Lovers, Indie

Christine Bougie - Hammy's Secret Life, Indie

Christopher Dunn - Falling Down, Borderland Records

Chunk O' Funk - Slinky Slider Snowfall, Sterling Sound

Cinemascope - Soundimension, Airline Records

Cipher - Cipher, T.B.A.

City Wide Choir - Jubilate, Hamilton Board of Education

Clayton Denwood - The Exile Sessions, Little Wheel Music

Clayton Denwood - Sunset on the Highway, Foursquare Records

Clazz - Flute & Harp Duo, Indie

Clela Errington - Lace Curtains, Indie

Clela Errington - In The Eddy, Indie

Clela Errington - Corazon, Indie

Coldsweat - Corporate Slave - Coldsweat Music

Coldsweat - Nocturnal - Coldsweat Music

Colin Linden - Through The Storm Through The Night*****, Columbia/Sony

Colin Linden - Waiting Is Over (single)*****, Columbia/Sony

Colin Linden - (raised by wolves), Columbia/Sony

Colin McKechnie - My Own Hand, Seemac Productions

Colin Soutar - Sidestep, PlusDenProductions

Colleen Brown - A Peculiar Thing, Indie

Colleen Hodgson - Songs of Maggie, Biggiola Records

Colleen O'Brien - Blurring the Image, Pipedream Productions

Colonel Tom and the Loose Cannons - Songs For The Young'uns, Run Mountain Records

Colorblind - Euphoria, Indie

Colours - Mix Some Flowers, Newton Walker Productions

Colt Harley - II, Indie

Come From Africa - Sunshining World, Kojo Brewu

Comfort Nkurma - Wone Dee Oreba No?, Indie

Confrontation - It's A New Day, Soundroom Production

Cool Babies - Music Volume 1: Assorted Fun Pack, Be One Music, a division of Soundmedia

Cora Russell - In His Pesence, OneTrack Music & Management

Cordon Blues - Bluesifyin', Indie

Corestone - Tide Is Rising, Confrontation Muzik

Courtney Farquhar - All My Friends Are Superheroes, XOXO Productions

Craig Sharpe - I Am, Moca Music/EMI

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems I For Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems II For Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems III For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems 1V For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems V For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Musical Gems VI For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove - Romantic Interludes, Indie

Crank Radio - Crank Radio, Mad Crash

Crimescene - Rapture, Haemorrhage Music Products

Cromwell Street - Rail Eater, Deadsix Communications

Crushing Saints - Crushing Saints, Crush Records

Crystal Plamondon - Plus de Frontiers - No Borders, Communicartz Productions

Crystal Plamondon - On a Song & a Prayer, Avenir Disc Inc

Cubanos - Holguin, Indie

C.U.M. - The Evolutionary Process, C.U.M. Productions

Cuntworm - Aria Des Vampyr, Bloodbucket Productions

Curley Bridges - Keys To The Blues, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Curley Bridges - Mr. Rock 'N' Soul, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Cyber Film School - Movie School Encyclopedia, Indie

Cynthia Ballesteros - What A Little Moonlight Can Do, Indie

Cynthia Funk - Ashtanga Yoga with Cynthia Funk, Indie

Cynthia Hallett - Sweet like Poison, Speed Dog Records

Cynthia Hallett - Miracle, Speed Dog Records

Cynthia Namaro - Brazilian Shoes, N.M.O. Publishing

Cyr - When It Rains, Femalien Music

Cyrus - Sun To Star, Sundarsongs Publishing


DA - Sarava Criola, DADA Music Productions

Da Qing - Tha Warnin', X-Posse Produqtions

Daddy Long Legs - Just Like That, Fancy Foot Work Productions

Daily Routine - Follow The Jackass, Switch Records

Dame - Intervention, Megawatt Studios

Dan Bryk - Asshole, No! Discs

Dana Baitz - Flower, Twistee Records

Dana Edmonds - Hybrid Being, Hotcomb Music

Dandelion Wine - The Face on Mars, Indie

Daniel - Daniel, dL Productions

Daniel Blair - Daniel Blair, Indie

Daniel David Moses - River Range Poems, Indie

Daniel Huezo - Comienzos, Ava Music

Danny Bakan - ...And Truth Is Spectacular, Indie

Danny Brooks - Rock This House, HIS House Records

Danny Brooks n' the Rockin' Revelators - Soulsville III (Live at the Palais Royale), Indie

Danny DePoe - Setting Old Standards, DDP Productions

Danny Marks - Big Town Boy, Indie

Dano - Midnight Creature, Maybe Music

Darren Granter - One More Try, Ivan & Lorraine Granter

Darrell Dee - Sonic Vibrations, Darrell Ricketts

Darryl Hurs - Velocity, Gen-Sub Records

Daughters Of Glorious Jesus - Anwanwa Din, Rt. Rev. Akwasi Asare Bediako

Dave Babcock - Happenstance, Jump Records

Dave Gretchell - A Slant Of Life And Living, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Dave Grobe - Thank You, Indie

David Braid - Vivid: The David Braid Sextet Live, Indie

David Braid - Novitas, Indie

David Braid Sextet - Zhen (David Braid Sextet Live Volume II), Indie

David Kennedy - Treasure Of Time, Sir Reel Music

David Michael - King's Road, Independent

David Néron Oponga - Nyoye Tolombe, Lorombo

David Orrett - More Than Me, Indie

Dawn Barry - Songs By Sunrise, Indie

Dead Celebrity - Dead Celebrity, Indie

Dead End Charlie - Dead End Charlie, Indie

Deadly Snakes - Love Undone, Sympathy 4 THER.1

Dean Wolfe - 11:59, Indie

Deb Leech - Seriously Silly, Indie

Debi Sander Walker - Full Spectrum, Debi Sander Walker entertainment

Deborah Shannon - Live Your Life Now! Volume 1: Wake up to your full potential, Indie

December Sun - December Sun, Independent

Decoded Feedback - Shockwave, Out of Line

Decoded Feedback - Phoenix, Out of Line

Decoded Feedback - Aftermath, Metropolis, Dependent

Deja - Dedicated Man, Phat Back Records

Dementia Five - INhER DEMONS, Mwandishi Communications

Denis Keldi and Tony Quarrington - Hammond Grits, Blue Gardenia

Denise Myers - Flow Through Me Lord, Indie

Dennis Reuben Budgell - Little Lake, db Music

Detectice Kalita - Detective Kalita, Preppyrecords

Detectice Kalita - The Night We Ate The Cake, Kelp Records

Detectice Kalita - The Michael Parks, Kelp Records

Diabelli String Quartet - Brahms, Zephyr

Diana Braithwait & Chris Whiteley - Morning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Diana Stabel - Wave, Indie

Diane Chase, Jumbo Records

DiggingRoots - Seeds, Jericho Beach Music/Festival

Dino Salinas - Red a mis Pasos, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dino Salinas - La Paz Quiero Yo, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dino Salinas - Juntos es Posible Adorando al Mesias, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dionysian Smile - happy since the accident, Daisy Chain/Planet Records

Dirk Beck - Insomnia, Biggiola Records

Dixie Demons - Live At The Rex, Indie

DJ Chris - Spotlight, New Brand Music

DJ Chris - Dem Fi Know, New Brand Music

DJ Chris - Eye Water, New Brand Music

DK Ibomeka - Love Stories, Wychwood Park Productions

DK Ibomeka - I'm Your Man, Wychwood Park Productions

Doc MacLean - Narrow House, Indie

Doc Walker - good day to ride, Agasea Records

Doctor Nick & The Rollercoasters - Blues... Straight Ahead, Bluetube Records

Don Simmons & Mike Lewis - Halfway, Don Simmons Music

Donald "Boots" Brasseur - A Maze Of Music, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Doolores Prussak - Just a Moment Inspired, Dovaka

Doreen Smith - Notes From Home, Indie

Doug Richardson - Doug Richardson, Big Black Dog Publishing

Douglas John Cameron - Tangleheart, Zeptunes/Don't Blink Music

Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic - The Invisible Fear, Experimental Eyes and Ears Inc.

Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic - Adventures in the Solid World, Experimental Eyes and Ears Inc.

Dropkids - Moons nd Goochers, Indie

DrumTuner - DrumTuner, Maestro Innovations

Dry County - Cowboy Up, R.S. Sounds & Production

Dubmatix - Champion Sound Clash, Soul Stepper / 7 Arts Entertainment

Dubmatix - Atomic Subsonic, 7 Arts Entertainment

Dunsford United Church Choir - Tell The Good News, Indie

Durham Christian High School - Better Is One Day, Indie

DustStorm - Bird Breit Coryell Quarrington, Indie

Dylan Wickens ¥ Jon Knight - Wickens ¥ Knight, Indie


Earlene Lord - Don't Give Up, Indie

Eddie Baltimore - The Space Between, Iridescent Music / Critter

Eddie Graf - Invitation to the Dance, Indie

Eden Ants - Losing.Touch.EP, Born Alpha Productions

Eden Ants - Hole, Punch, Litter, Eden Ants, Visualized

Eden Ants - Take What You Want, Eden Ants, Indie

Edith Barit - I Am A Woman, Indie

Eduardo Aranda - Un Vals un Bolero, Indie

Eduardo Fernandes - O Caminho Para o Pai, Indie

Eileen Quinn - Degrees of Deviation, Indie

Eileen Quinn - No Significant Features, Indie

Eileen Quinn - Mean Low Water, Indie

Eileen Quinn - Not To Be Used For Navigation, Indie

Eileen Quinn - Miss Inclined, Indie

Einstagator - The Arrival, Indie

Ejune - E.P., Indie

El Chombo - Cuentos de la Cripta 2, Oilers Music Inc.

Eldon - time well spent, Indie

Eleanor McCain - Intimate, Retriever Records

Electric Magma - Karaoke Bitch Slap, Around Ahead Music

Electrodiesel - While America Sleeps, Something Inviting Records

Electronic Bubonic - Impermanence, Indie

Elf Power - Come On, New Noise / Little Army

Elfreda Pitt - Certainty, Indie

Elise Dallaire - Moonstruck, Comstock Records

Elite/Encore! - ...On Broadway, Planet

Elle - Nympholepsy, Fearless Records

Ellen Carol - Buttercup Hamsterjuice, Carol Ellen Protz

Elliott BROOD - Tin Type, Electro Photo Records

Elliott BROOD - Ambassador, Six Shooter Records

Elmer Romantico - Elmer Romantico, Leons Production

Elsie Osbourne - findin' the groove, Independent

Elvis Presley Jr. - I Believe America Is Strong, Trilogy Records N.Y.

Elyssa Mahoney - Try To See Me Like That, The Iridescenmt Music Company Inc.

Emer - Lucid Dreams, Indie

Emit Ridge - Discretion, Rex Records

Encore - Voices of the Season, Planet Entertainment

Endeavour - Mantra, Indie

Endeavour - DEmise, Indie

Eng. Asghedom W. Michael - The Legend!, Meron Kidane

Enrico Crivellaro featuring Finis Tasby + James Harman - Key To My Kingdom, Electro-Fi Records

Enrico Crivellaro-Raphael Wressnig Organ Trio - Mosquito Bite

Enriquez - Puente del Diablo, Indie

Enriquez Lopez - Little Angel (New Flamenco), Indie

Ermias Assebwork - Keken Ande Ken, Indie

Eshet Mengesha - Instrumental Music Volume 1, Indie

Eskimocentricity - M.O., Lucid Designs

Essex Court - The Serum, Red Haze Entertainment

Estonian Mens Choir - Estonian Mens Choir, Hypnotic Records

Et-cetera - Savvy Songs, Great Grooves, (Starving Musicians.), Indie

Ethereal Nature - T.B.A., Smudge Records

Evirus - Nocturnal, Indie

Extreme Flute - Desvio, Bill McBirnie

Extreme Flute - Scratch It!, Bill McBirnie


534 -534, Indie

Faith Is Cracking - Feel The Music, Crackmeup Music

Fallacy Flow - Neves****, Indie

Fallacy Flow - A Prelude To..., Gotham/Macedo Entertainment

Fallacy Flow - Frailty of Grace, Gotham Recordings/Maple/Universal

Famous Framus band - Down By Desire, Three Chord Records

Farewell to Freeway - Shadybrook Session, Indie

Fast And Dirty - Live From Our Pants, Indie

Fast Freddie - Fires, Flying Fish Roe Music

Fat chance - Bologma, Indie

Fathead - Blues Weather, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Fathead - Where's Your Head At?, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Fathead - First Class Riff-Raff, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Fathead - Livelier Than Ever!, Indie

Fathead - Fathead, Festival Distribution, Inc.

Fathead - Building Full Of Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Fathead - Where's The Blues Taking Me", Electro-Fi Records

Father Bressani C.H.S. - Memories Are Forever, Indie

Father's Property - Give the Man a Hand , Indie

Fefe Dobson - Various tracks including "Watch Me Move", Chris Smith Management

Fela A. Kuti - The Best of Fela (1), Global Communications

Feleg Yatana - Feleg Yatana, Indie

Felix Owusu - "Eshow" Me, Worldwide Nakasi Records

Felix Owusu - Vida, G. Gab Productions

FFN - In Blue Jeans, FFN Music

58 Skivies - ep, Indie

Final Fantasy - Has A Good Home, Blocks Recording Club/Tomlab

Finis Tasby - What My Blues Are All About, Electro-Fi Records

Firefly - Made Me Glad, The Orchard

First Generation - Party Mix Volume 1, First Generation Entertainment Ltd.

First Republic - A Day Before Silence, BBS Records

Flamme 2 La Rime - Je T'aime Plus Que Tout Au Monde, Indie

Flickershow - Drawing A Blank, Indie

Focuspuller - The Place We Dicsovered, Indie

Folkalarm - 5, Poverty Playlist

Foolish Behaviour - chalk It Up To Experience, Playfair Music Productions

40 Sons - Madness, Indie

Fountain Of Vermouth - Tradgedy Of Birth, Olive guppy music

IV Play - Got it going on*****, Love Hit Music '96]

14 Carrots Sold - "See Ya In The Pit!", Indie

49th Degree-1 Edition - A New Generation of Gospel, Mekehla Music Group

Francis Wang - Whispers of Tranquility (Romantic Dulcimer & Orchetra), Northstead Music

Frank Ridsdale - Mod World Old World, Indie

Frank Ridsdale & Slugfest - The Port, Indie

Frank Spadone - The Best For Now, Blue Shirt Entertainment Productions

Frank Westcott - Fly To Me In The Sun, Indie

Frankie Wilmot - Vision, I.M.A.J. Music Group

Frankie Wilmot - Dreader Than Dread, I.M.A.J. Music Group

Frayed - Good Old Days, Indie

Fraz - Hear, Mad Cow Records

Fred Magie - E.P., Copper Productions

Fredlocks Asher - Wisdom, Global Music Village

Freefall - Blue Evening, Indie

Freeze & Doxx - Let’s Be Famous, Listen Close Music Group

Freeze & Doxx - Swagger Music, Listen Close Music Group

Freeze - The Big Chill, Listen Close Music Group

Freeze & Doxx - Uptown USA, Listen Close Music Group

Freshwater - Atypicalfriday, Thirsty Music

Freshwater Trade - Well-Remembered Shore, Indie

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms - Greatest Hits, House Of Helder

Fruteland Jackson - Blues 2.0, Electro-Fi Records

Fruteland Jackson - Tell Me What You Say, Electro-Fi Records

Full Fathom Four - full fathom four, Indie

Full Nine - Full Nine, Full Nine Music

Fuller - Fuller, Advance Records

Futures Past - A Tragic Hero, Indie

Futures Past - If Beauty Had A Name, Indie


GQuest - It's Time, Plated Records

Gabe Lee - Haunted Hollowbody, Tight Lip Tunes

Gabriel Morin - 11 Hits Volume 1, GMR Records

Gail Fricker - To Catch A Tale****, Drama Alive

Gail Fricker - To Tell A Tale****, Drama Alive

Garden Of Eden - Palestinity, Sony Israel

Gary Boyle - Country At Heart, Indie

Gary Kendall - Dusty & Pearl, 47 Records

Gelvi Urribarri - El Rey Esta Vivo, O.F. Records

George Gao - My Favorite Tunes, Indie

George Hewison and Musical Friends - Uncharted Waters, Indie

Gerry Thompson - I'm Glad To Be Home Again, Indie

Gerry Thompson - Just A Closer Walk, Indie

Gerry Thompson - The Equalizer (God Isn't Through With Me Yet), Indie

Gershon Wachtel - Plays Into Your Heart, Indie

Gershon Wachtel - From My Heart To Yours, Indie

Gib Monks - Boulevard de Clichy, Indie

Girls Are Short - Early American, Upper Class Recordings

Girls Are Short - Earlynorthamerican, Upper Class Recordings

Gipsy - "Gipsy", Indie

Gipsy - Flamenco Sur, Indie

Glen Morrow Mews - Oh Five 'Til We Die..., Indie

Glen Reid - Wildcats Howlin', Royston Road Music

Glitterhutch - Fuzzy White Cover, Indie

Globus And Decibel - Globus And Decibel, Swinging Axe Productions

Gloria Blizzard - Gloria Blizzard, Stormy Night Music

Gloria Downer Pearson - Dare To Dream, Indie

Goat Horn - Voyage To Nowhere, Indie

Godwin Glasgow - Lead Me To The Rock, Indie

Gold Spade - Buy My Album, Nasty North Records 2000

Gone & Ruined - drifting minds forever, Gone & Ruined Music

Gordon Monahan - Speaker Swinging & Piano Mechanics, Indie

Gordon Monahan - Theremin in the Rain, Indie

Gospel of John - Gospel of John, JAM Music Production

Grande Bouche - Swingtette, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Gray M. - Serotone, Eye Queue Productions

Green Palm Radiation - Green Palm Radiation, Indie

Greenfield Main - Barnburners & Heartchurners, Kelp Records

Greg English - O Canada, Indie

Greg Hannah - All I'm Takin' Is Your Time, Indie

Greg MacLachlan - Everyone's Got It Wrong, Indie

Greg Runions Group - But Not Forgotten, GRind

Gregory Hoskins & the Stickpeople - Surgery, A Label of Love Records

Grievous Angels - Hanging Songs, Jimmy Boyle Records

Grimskunk - Fieldtrip, Freeding Ground Recordings / Indica Record

Gritz - Flow With Me, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Groove Corporation - Record Prophets, Indie

Groove Symphony - Embers, Al Sando Music

Groundwave - Mankind, Indie

Gunned Down - Gunned Down, Indie

Gus Papas - Shake The Devil, Indie

Gypsy - New Flamenco, Indie


Hadrian's Wall - On The Fly, Waxworx Publishing Ltd.

Haggarty Sound Studio Session Band - Hockey Town, The Peterborough Examiner, Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Halou - we only love you, Bedazzled Records

Halou - Singles Club, Bedazzled Records

Handle - Keep On Turning, Indie

Hardtack & Harmony - Boys Of Company C****, Indie

Hardtack & Harmony - Call To Arms, Indie

Hardtails - Hardtails, Indie

Harley Blues - Just Another Garage Band, Frog Mountain Productions

Harley Card - Non Fiction, Indie

Harley Symington - Don't Talk, Rawlco Radio

Harmonica Shah Blues Band (featuring Howard Glazer) - Tell It to Your Landlord, Electro-Fi Records

Harmonica Shah with Special Guest Mel Brown & Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - Listen At Me Good, Electro-Fi Records

Harold Potten - City Loves Country, Indie

Harrison Kennedy - High Country Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Haruna survival - Taxi Driver, Mad Dog

Hats off To Mary - 3rd Floor Balcony, Indie

Have a Waxer Christmas - Seasons Greetings, Organic Expressions Entertainment

Hayat Nazami - Qawwali A Musical Journey, Bajaj Films

Heather Dale - The Trial of Lancelot, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - Call The Names, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - This Endris Night, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - May Queen, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - The Hidden Path (live & rarities), Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - The Gabriel Hounds, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - The Green Knight, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Dale - The Road To Santiago, Amphisbaena Music

Heather Katz - Tell Mama, Indie Pool

Helen Medwedeff Greenberg - Magic Breath, Toreador Records

Helen Steiner Rice - Musical Moment Series, Oak Tree Productions Inc.

Hell Billys - Tied To A Rocket, High Romance Music Ltd.

Hellacaust - Dark Age Descending, Bloodbucket Productions

Hellbound '71 - 3 Weeks Ago On Sunday, Indie

Hemloxoup - Live at 11:11 At The Shot, HMX Records

Hemloxoup - Souvenir, Hemlock Music

Herald Nix - Open up the Sky, Supermono Records

Hermans End - This Could Be A Book, Mack Music

Hermans End - Bit By Bit, Mack Music

Hermetic Music Commission - ... In Sound Is ..., Supermono Records

Hev's Duties - Bomb Level Again, Bomb Records

Hibernate - Away, Indie

Hidden Echo - Hidden Echo, Indie

High Waters - Heard It All Before, Indie

Hi-Life Bash 1 - Dance Hall Style, Natro Productions

Hill - Blue, Hill Kourkoutis

Hill - Bang!, PuckEye Records

Himig Pilipino Choral Ensemble - Ala-Ala, Celebrating 20 Years Of Music, Indie

Hmura - Passion, Storm Cloud Record Company

Holland Marsh Christian School - He is alive!, Indie

Holly Go Lightly - means in your possession, Indie

Holm - Still Dreaming, Digital Plumbing

Holoscene - Nothing Is The End Of Everything, Son / Lumiére 001

Holy Cross School Choir - Somebody's Knockin'...We Are All Called, Indie

Home for the Headlines - Cutting on Paper Plates With Plastic Forks and Knives, Paragon Music

HoneyBoy Dupree & The Smoke House Players - Anybody Seen My Baby?, Indie

Hooflug and the Rock Collector - Hooflug and the R.C., Indie

Hope Fellowship - Journey of Hope, Indie

Horde Of Worms - Horde Of Worms***, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of Worms - Dreams And Dying Eyes, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of Worms - Wormageddon, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of Worms - The Uncreation, Bloodbucket Productions

Horizon - Songs From the Edge, One Voice Productions

House of Velvet - Our Time, Indie

Howard Gladstone - Sunflowers Light The Room, Indie

Howard Gladstone - Candles on the River, Indie

Howard Gladstone - The Breath In The Wind, Indie

Huckster - Designed for Real Life, Indie

Human Disorder - Twisted Sane, Can of Smashed Assholes Prod.

Human Kind - It will All End In Tears, Indie

Humshuttle - Humshuttle, Indie

Hundred Mile House - Choke Chain Therapy, Higher Ground Entertainment

Hung Up Scarecrows - Having A Marvy Time, Stemwall Records

Hungama - T.M.A., Sound Tracks Mus. Connection

Hurly Burly Early Music Ensemble - Syng We In Thys Hall, Indie

Hurtin Blues Band - Piece Of Cake, Itsa Music Company

Hurtin Blues Band - Mouse, Itsa Music Company

Hush Baby - Style on Cool, Indie


Ian Nagoski - Warm Coursing Blood, Colorful Clouds for Acoustics

Ibadan - Do It, JuPeter Records

Ida Marie - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, "Skywalkers Radio Remix", produced by Ken Lewis & Brent Kolatalo, The Island Def Jam Music Group

Igor P.Project - Virtual Hunting, Sababa Records

Illatease - Burn The City, Indie

Illicit Pulse - Empires, Indie

In Our Hearts - IClass Of 2000, Indie

In Silent Code - Wash Days Blues, Indie

Ina Unt Ina - All Sides Of Ina, Indie

Insights Discovery - Music for the Eight Types, Insights

Insurgent - Insurgent Inc., Subvision Records

In The Ditch - In The Ditch, JaJa Records

Ina Hedderson - Right on Time, Indie

Inês Henriques - Tu és..., Indie

Infinity - the perseids, Planet Records

Inner Voice - Riding the Glory Train, VMS Production

ISax - Interpretation, Jah Mix Productions

Interstellar - ToSleepToDreamToWake, Plan Eleven

Interzone - Cydonia, Utopian Vision Music

iO - Strange Tales From the Urban Circle, Dragonfly Productions

Ionia - EP, Ionia Music

Israel's Lost Tribes - Passionate Rhythms of Nature, Asafo Productions


J. Nichole Noel - Verse... The Power of the Spoken Words in Music, The Write Words Production & Publishing

Jack D - Ontario Motel, Indie

Jack De Keyser- 6 string Lover, Blue Star Records

Jack De Keyser - Down in the Groove, Blue Star Records

Jack De Keyser - Silver Blues, Blue Star Records

Jack De Keyser - Blues Thing, Blue Star Records

Jack De Keyser - 6 String Lover, Blue Star Records

Jack Zorawski Trio - First Train, Indie

Jacques Yams - Africa Belongs To You, Shego Records

Jacques Yams - Je Ne Te Quitterai Jamais, Shego Records

Jacquie Drew - Red Hot Candy Heart, Indie

Jacquot - Les Fourmis*, Addison Wesley Publishers

Jacquot - Curriculum-Based Songs For French Volume 1, Musique Jacquot 2003

Jacquot - Curriculum-Based Songs For French Volume 2, Musique Jacquot 2003

Jacquot - Learning French Through Songs And Gestures-Volume 1, Musique-Editions Jacquot 1992

Jadea Kelly - Second Spring, Indie

Jake - Army Of Love, Reunion/Zomba

Jake Langley - Doug's Garage, Radioland Jazz/Verve

Jake Langley - Non Fiction, Tonepoet Records

Jake Langley - Diggin In, Alma/Universal

Jake Langley - Here And Now, Independent

Jakie Young - Beth Torah's Jakie Sings, Beth Torah Congregation - Toronto

Jakie Young - Yachad Na'amod (Together We Stand), Indie

Jam Toast - Rock n' roll Playground, Indie

James Levac & Calvin Preddie - This Is Our Canada, Calpre' Enterprises

Jamie Bonk - Jamie Bonk, Bonk Productions

Jamie Bonk - A Perfect Tomorrow, Bonk Productions

Jamie Bonk - My World, Bonk Productions

Jamie Browning Band - Immoral Of The Story, Music Media Network

Jamie Drayton - Christmas in Oakville, Drayton Productions

Jamie Warren - Fallen angel*****, Mercury/River North

Jamie Jones - Celebrity Music, X-Posure Entertainment

Jamil - Always On A Tightrope, Indie

Jana Lee Reid - Jana Lee Reid, Planet Records

Jane McCullough - Evangeline The Musical, Indie

Janine Gwendoline Smith - Love Lives Inside, Beyond Fifth Plane Music

Jared Lutes - Waiting On You, Jared Lutes Music

Jarmo Jalava & the Vagrant Spirits - Hole in the Sky, Indie

Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage, Indie

Jason Walter - Cat Scan Rendezvous****, Tuxpseudo Music

Jason Wilson - The Peacemaker's Chauffeur, Wheel Records/Ochiltree

Jason Wilson & Tabarruk - Jonah, Wheel Records

Jason Wilson & Tabarruk - Dread & Blue: A Canadian Suite, Wheel Records

Jax Pre Face - Chapterwood, Deadsix Communications

Jay Clark and the Jones - Homefires Burning, Death Of Cash Records

Jay Linden - Blue Skies of September, Satchel

Jay McGee - I Hear Foot Steps, Beacon Records

Jay McGee - No Walls, Beacon Records/Cousin Maries Music

Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko - Africa To Appalachia, Indie

JD Vishus - Alleycat Sensibilities, Indie

Jean Severin - Changes in Tyme, Jako Productions

Jeanine Mackie and the Bluetones - Right Here, Right Now, Indie

Jeen O'Brien - Can't Get It Out Of My Head, So Star Struck

Jeff Bird - (the original motion picture soundtrack) Rink, Indie

Jeff Healey - Adventures In Jazzland, HealeyOphonic Records

Jeff Healey - Amoung Friends, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That Stony Plain Records

Jeff Healey - Mess Of Blues, Stony Plain Records/Ruf Records

Jeff Healey - Songs From The Road, Stony Plain Records/Warner Music

Jeff Healey - Last Call, Stony Plain Records/Warner Music

Jeff Jones - In Concert At Glenn Gould Studio, Live Unity Productions

Jeff Martin & The Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Live In Brisbane 2006, Indie

Jeff Straker - Petrified, Indie

Jennifer LFO - Songs From The Alien Beacon, Indie

Jerome Godboo - Deja Vu Baby, Independent

Jerome Godboo - Live In Tel-Aviv 2002, Indie

Jerome Godboo - Humdinger, Indie

Jerome Godboo - Rooting Out My Devils, Indie

Jerrold Bubyk Quartet - The Way You See It, Indie

Jesters Destiny - T.B.A., T.B.A.

Jesus Of The Cross - Remembering the Crucified One, Indie

Jesse David Weeks - Somewhere In The Distance, Indie

Jett Black Raven - Jett Black Raven, Wednesday Society Productions

Jezibelle - Cast The First Stone, Indie

Jim Brenan - The Spectre (with Chris Andrew, Rubim de Toldo & Ron Samson), Indie

Jim Clayton's Greenhouse - Muskoka, Indie

Jim Clayton - Jim Clayton: trio/quartet/quintet, Clayton Music Services

Jim Clayton Trio - Standards, Volume One, Indie

Jim Dix - Apply Sparingly, Rinse Well, I. R. Diculous Music

Jim Fay - Nowhere To Bide, Indie

Jimmy Allen's Ant Farm - e.p., Indie

Jimmy Bowskill Band - Old Soul, Festival

Jimmy Bowskill Band - Soap Bars & Dog Ears, Festival

Jimmy Bowskill - Jimmy Bowskill, Festival

Jo Deslippe Quintet - Our Love is Here to Stay, Indie

Joanna Jordan - Clazzic, Clazz Musical Productions

Joao Neves - Vagabundo Da Cancao, Soul Records

Joe Budden - Touch N Go, Indie

Joe Budden feat. The Game - The Future, Indie

Joe Bulger - Remembering Today, Indie

Joe Hall - Travelling Without Deodorant-The Best Of Joe Hall (1972-1988), Cordova Bay/Ragged Pup Records

Joe Nolan - Bring Me A Candle, Indie

Joe Nolan - Pocket Dreams, Indie

John Alonso - The Gift, Montage Music

John Alonso - Remember When, Montage Music

John Campbell - Love Is The Answer, Emagine Music Inc.

John Eccleston - The Day Johnny Cash Died, Indie

John Gao - Romance Of Bamboo And Silk, Indie

John Highley - The Light Is Always There, Indie

John Jackson - Takin' My Own Sweet Time, Humble Records

John Mars - Whasup?, Blue Star Records

John McCabe - John McCabe, Kiwi Records, Inc.

John Rowley - The Sublime & The Absurd, Gravy Records

John Sims - Palomino, Bedazzled Records

John Thomas - Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Indie

Johnny Laws - Blues Burnin' In My Soul, Electro-Fi Records

Johnny Max Band - Ride and Roll, Pour Soul Records

Johnny Max Band - A Lesson I've Learned, Pour Soul Records

Jon Coakley and One Metric Tonne - Hair Like Roots, Duffs Music

Jon Levine Band - ground-tied - Maple Music/Universal

Jonah Cristall-Clarke - Nonet, Indie

Joon - Joon, Mama Papa Records

Jordan O'Connor - "Fragments" Vol. One, The Breath Records

Jorge Estrada Lopez - Esto es Guatemala...en Marimba pura!, Indie

Josh X-an-tus feat. Jadikiss, Let's Ride, M USA ENTERTAINMENT

Josh X-an-tus - In Love With 2, M USA ENTERTAINMENT

Joshua Goodman Quintet - Arrival, Indie

Josue Vargas - No Soy El Mismo, Indie

Joydrop - Sometimes Wanna Die , Acoustic & French Pop Remixes, Tommy Boy/BMG

JP-Buse - Le Roi Des Rois, Congo-Kin

Jubilee 2000 - Celebrate! It's Jubilee! - Thank You Christ Our King, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District School Board

Jukejoint - Organic Matter, Zootsuit Records

Julian Fauth - Songs of Vice and Sorrow, Electro-Fi Records

June Garber - Smile, 7 Arts Ent.

Juneyt - Ocean, Indie

Junior Santos - Soy Yo, Indie

Just Think - Haunted By Waters, RSG Records

Justin Hines - Chasing Silver, Orange Lounge Records/Universal Records

Justo Luis - Things Said and Done, Indie


K.C. Messick - Highway, Indie

K.K. Kabobo - Onyame Ehuwo, Indie

K. Mizutani - Transcend Sideways, Artware Products

Kaminari - Triangle, Indie

Kanenhi:io - ga-na-he-o, Indie

Kanenhi:io - Good Seeds, United One Records

Kan'Nal - Kan'Nal, Acoustic Trance Records

Karen Gold - Damsel in Distress, Refrain Records

Karen Kosowski - Wish On A Star, Indie

Karl "Cannonball" Bryan - Music Forever, Listen Up Production

Karl "Cannonball" Bryan - Special Friend, Melody Sweet Music

Karyn Ellis - Telling Stories, Ava Music

Kate Ashby-Craft - The Heart And The Mind, Poplar Records

Kate Rogers Band - EP 2007, Indie

Kathy Covert Jensen - A Little Wiser, BMI/Blueberry Tunes/Jenson Mountain, Inc.

Katrocket - Colours On The Inside, Hoodwink Records

Kayak Angst - Kayak Angst**** ScAFoLD Records

Kelly Alanna - All In Good Time, The Alberta Foundation For The Arts

Kelly M - I Really Want You Bad, Indie

Kelly Slattery - That Line Between The Earth And The Sky, Independent

Kemer Yousuf - Gumaata, Ciroo Abbaa Cabsii

Kemer Yousuf - Shaggoyee Master, Indie

Kendal Sullivan - This Time, Sullivan Sound Ideas

Kennel District - Red 44, Socan/BMI

Kennel District - Distance Delays, Noise Factory Records

Kennel District - Glass of Same Drink, Noise Factory Records

Kenny Neal Jr. - The Best Of Bounce, Pangea Project Music

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - 88th & Jump Street, Electro-Fi Records

Keristan Vaughan - Awake in Love, Indie

Kerris Oates - That Song She Sang..., Kasah Music

Ketch Harbour Wolves - Dead Calm Horizon, Indie

Kevin Breit - Empty, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit - Folkalarm, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit - Maybelle, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit - Skedaddle, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit - Burnt Bulb on Broadway, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters Euclid - Live at The Orbit Room, Seven Years Of Mondays, Poverty Playlist, Original Spin Media Inc.

Kevin Breit & The Sisters Euclid - Other Folks, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters Euclid - All Babies Go To War, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters Euclid - Sunday Best, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Carley & The Handsome Liars - Dose of the Blues, Kevin Carley & The Handsome Liars

Kevin Clark - Kevin Clark's Jazz Kitchen, Indie

Kevin Cooke - Ain't The Weather Strange, Limited Capitol Records

Kevin Griffin - Never Ending Silence, Griffin Country Showcase

Kevin Mark - Rolling The Dice, Blue Hog Productions

Killers Favorite Cartoon - Te Voy A Matar, All Sane No Brains Music

Kill The Lights - Buffalo Of Love, Maple/Universal

Kill The Lights - Fog Area, Indie

Kill Cheerleader - All Hail, Spinerazor/Corporate Punishment

Kim Addison - Born To Be Blue, Indie

Kim Doolittle - Touch Wood, Indie

Kim Fast - Missing the Mistletoe, Rawlco Radio

King Alleyne Roth - It Might As Well Be Spring, 7 Arts Entertainment

King Cosmos - Fire!!!, Dagga

Kitty's Kitchen - Traditional Irish Songs And Tunes, Indie

K. K. Kabobo - The Best Of K. K. Kabobo, Main Distribution

K. Mizutani - Transcend Sideways, Artware Products

Kozmik Babylon - Kozmik Babylon, Indie

Kristen Clark - Kisses To You..., Indie

Kruger Brothers - Choices, Double Time

Kruger Brothers - Travel the Gravel, Double Time

Kruger Brothers - Up18North, Double Time

Kubota & Sutherland - Cross Rhythm And White Noise, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

Kyn - Ragged By Design, Indie


La tona - El Rebotante, Indie

Lady Luck - Lady Luck, T.O.F Productions

LAL - LAL, Indie

Lance Ware - Heart & Soul Meditations, Living Peace Music

Larry Doyle - Dances Upon The Wind, Ear Relevant

Lee Carr feat. Yung Joc - Patron (Rhythm & Nuvo), Third Eye Music

Latefallen - Latefallen, Indie

Latefallen - Conscience Called In Sick, Indie

Laura Cesar - Windrose, Indie

Laura Hubert - Live At The Rex, Girlish Days Records

Laura Lavery - The Beginning..., Indie

Laura Maria - Homenaje a Tu Amor, Producciones Adissa

Laura Maria - Pecado Mortal, AMSA Productions Incs.

Laura Nashman / Michael Moon- Above the Sound of Gravity, Fluteworks

Laura Nashman - Celtic Lullababy, Fluteworks

Laura Nashman and Friends - Seasons of Love, Fluteworks

Laura Nashman /John Arpin - The French Connection, Fluteworks

Laurance Tan - I Will, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan - Songs from the album I Will, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan - Next Planet To Tibet, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan - Sounds of the Tyger, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Leah State - Still, The Breath Records

Lee Matthieu - Should I?, Indie

Lenny Solomon - After You've Gone, Indie

Lenny Solomon - Transparency, Indie

Leon Kingstone - Familiar, Borderland Records

Leona Boyd - A Guitar For Christmas, Moston Productions

Leroy Sibbles - Rock & Come On, Eppic Music Publishing & Entertainment

Lesley Pike - Blink, Indie

Lester Quitzau - So Here We Are, LQ Productions

Lester Quitzau -Keep On Walking, LQ Productions

Lester Quitzau -A Big Love, LQ Productions

Leviride - Leviride, Indie

Li - Soul Mates, Indie

Lickpenny Loafer - Introducing Lick Penny Loafer, Indie

Lifted - Sitting On High, Indie

Like Heroes - Momentum***, Indie

Like Heroes - Pop Machine, Indie

Lil' Dave Thompson - Got To Get Over You, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Lila - Myth & Myrrh, A Tom Graham Production

Lily Frost - Being Erica Theme, Orange Record Label

Linda Montesa - Soirée, Americus Records, Inc.

Lindi Ortega The Drifter EP, (Interscope)

Little Bobby and The Jumpstarts - Tickets in the Glove Box, Green Bullet Productions

Little Mack Simmons - Somewhere On Down The Line, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack Simmons - The Best Of..., Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack Simmons - The PM/Simmons Collection, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack Simmons - The Best Of Little Mack Simmons-The Electro-Fi Years, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Sunday - Day of Hollow, AudioFX Music

Living Hope - A Living Hope, Indie

LMT Connection - Universal Soul, Impression Records

Loganseed - Loganseed, Indie

LoGograph - targeted marketing & strategic communications, Indie

Longdistance - Evergreen Hours, RoundTree Records

Longstory - 4 Young & Old, Indie

Long Tom & the Dusty Danglers - Fresh Country Cheese, Sextant Records

Looking For Heather - ...Snow Park Way, Star-Lite Records

Lorenzo Mehari - Tesfa' Leni, Indie

Lost Cause - Kill The Sickness Of Being, Indie

Lotus Position - Lotus Position, Latticesphere

Lotus Position - Assume The Position, Lotus Position

Love You To Death - Recipe For A Ghost, Indie

Luco De Sedas & Juan Diego De Sedas - Si el Mar se volviera Ron, Champion Records

Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy - Nicaribe Soy, MA Productions

Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy - Tengo América en mi Voz, MA Productions

Luis Lourenço - Emoçöes, Indie

Lula's Birthmark - Lula Birthmark, Y. I. Auda Music/Squealyworm Music

Lydia Opokuwaa - Me Dofo Jesus, G. Money Productions

Lynne Reid - Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Indie

Lyr-x-ist - The Krossing, Lyr-x-ist


m2p - Bahama My Home, m2p

Mad Life Crisis - Blame It On The Moon, Mad Life Crisis

Madagascar Slim - Omni Source, Canada Council for the Arts

Madagascar Slim - Good Life Good Living, Canada Council for the Arts

Mae Moore and Lester Quitzau - Oh My!, Indie

Magda Papierz, Ola Turkiewicz & Zespót Wokalny Mavo Academy -Swieta Koleda Przyprószone, Sodrac

Maia Kuze - The City, SMK Productions

Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug - Music for Faking, C3R

Making Contact - Making Contact, Indie

Man On Earth - The Time Spent Wondering, Indie

Man On Earth - Something Better, Indie

Mandy Lagan - I Thought About You, Lagan Music

Mandy Lagan - You See Me, Lagan Music

Manervous Beat - Technotic, Viper Records

Maniak - Fast and Deadly, Bloodbucket Productions

Mantler - Landau, Tomlab

Marc Rogers - Lunas, Bashville Records

Marcel Aucoin Trio - Weird Cocktail, Indie

Marcello Puente - Mares y Barrios, Puente-Espil Productions

Marchildon! - ......i gotsa know (Volume One), Purple Hill Records

Marianna Rashkovetsky - Bach French Suites and Partitas, Americus Records

Mariella - A Yarda Mia, M.P. Productions

Marina Surgan - Live (51 original piano pieces for ballet class), Indie

Marina Surgan - 20 Greatest Classical Variations, Indie

Marina Surgan - Live 2 Class with Tatiana Tchernova (Ballet Class Music For All Levels), Indie

Mark Bird Stafford - Harpspace, Lily Jean Records

Mark Edwards - Personal Content - The Unique Condition Of Self, WV Music

Mark Fox - Street Singin', Independent

Mark Hummel - Golden State Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Hummel - Blowin' My Horn, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Hummel - Ain’t Easy no More, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Hummel’s Harmonica Blowout - Still Here and Gone 1993 - 2007, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Slater - Wealth Building Strategies Business Owners Should Know, Indie

Markham Gang - Spare Time, JazzCan Music

Mars Global Real Estate Marketing CD - Mars Discovery District, Indie

Martha's Trouble - The Road Ahead, Aisling Records

Martha's Trouble - Tale of a Foreigner, Midwest Records

Martin Alex Aucoin - So Far, Indie

MartinWorks - Special Edition All Instrumental Vol II, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Special Edition All Instrumental Vol III, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Special Edition-All Instrumental Vol IV , MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Movie Music Montage, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Volume 11-Light to Dark, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Volume 3-Mood Swings, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Volume 4-New Recruits, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Volume 5-The Beat Goes On, MartinWorks

MartinWorks - Unheard Vol 6-Special Edition All Instrumental , MartinWorks

Marvia Providence - Shabach Internationsl Praise & Worship Live, Explorer Recording Company

Marvia Providence - Thank You, Explorer Recording Company

Mary Enid Haines - Soprano, Indie

Mary Panacci - Concert Selections: Broadway, Opera, Pop, Jazz, Indie

Mary's Fire - That's What She Said, Indie

Masochistic Religion - The Litanies Of Satan, Truly Diabolic Records

Mass of Jubilee - ElizabethAnderson - Kola Owolabi, The Church of the Holy Rosary

Masters.and.Moderns - Wasted.Skylines, Indie

Matthew-Aaron Dusk - Live In Concert, Royal Crown Records

Matthew-Aaron Dusk - The Way It Is, Royal Crown Records

Matt Dusk - Cool Yule, Decca/Universal

Matt Dusk - Miracle, Decca/Universal

Matt Dusk - Two Shots, Decca/Universal

Matt Dusk - Peace On Earth, Decca/Universal

Matt Dusk - Live From Las Vegas (2010), STILETTO Entertainmentr

Matt Masters - Cennential Swell, Dollartone Records

Matt Newton - Push, Fire Town Music

Matthew Maaskant - Believe It Or Not, This Is The Place, Indie

Maureen Redden - Take Flight, Indie

Maurice Gordon - Irie Mood, Irie Music Socan

Maxine Mann - Bred in the Bone, Indie

Maybrick - Duck and Cover, Indie

Maz Fusion - Come To Me, Indie

MC AK - I Wonder, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK - Think Before You Act, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK & Kane - We Wicked, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK - Presents "Underwide" , 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK & Slangston Hughes - Rearranged F.A.M., Vol. 1 , 101st Airbourne Productions

McCaffrey - Smooth & Tropic, Duiseacht Music

McClean & MacLean - Big Road Blues, CBC Radio 2

Mean Steve Piano - Wreck, BAH

Mean Tangerine - Peels, Indie

Meja - Michael Evans + Jeff Arnal, C3R

Mel Brown - Neckbones And Caviar, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown (and the Homewreckers) - Blues - A Beautiful Thing, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown/Snooky Pryor - Double Shot, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown - The DVD, Electro-Fi Records

Melissa Stylianou - Slim's Joint, Slim's joint Music

Melissa Stylianou - It Never Entered My Mind..., Slim's Joint Music

Mellonova - The Hydromantic e.p., BAPP

Melwood Cutlery - Overstepping The Boundaries, Dish Stack Records

Mesh - Critical, Indie

Messengers - Réveillé (Volume 1), Indie

Metheus Bound - Stirring the Insides, Indie

Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney - Coniferous Revenge, Independent

Michael & Jello - I Wish My Nose Was A Chocolate Bar, Michael Anderson

Michael & Jello - Monkey See Monkey Do, Michael Anderson

Michael & Jello - What's Shakin'?, Michael Anderson

Michael Jones - Almost Home, Pianoscapes

Michael Moon- Dance of the Deep, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael Moon- Deep Peace, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael Moon- Surrender, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael Beauclerc - The Mad Practice Pad, Indie

Michael Ketemer - Yellow Stockings, Indie

Michael Pickett - Solo, Wooden Teeth Records

Michael Theodore - The Truth About Love And Tragedy, Indie

Michele Mele - Laugh, Indie

Michele Mele - Feel, Indie

Michele Mele - Naked on the Rocks, Indie

Michelle Hundt - Tomorrow, Gypsyrock Music

Midnite Walk - Take A Walk!, Indie

Mike Ferfolia - One Off, PSR Music Productions

Mike Gyamfi - Sloopy, A.I.P.P. Music

Mike Hall - Have Guitarz...Will Travel, Indie

Mike Kalambay - 7 Jour..., Kin Express Productions

Mike Lewis - Until Then, Crazy Mikes

Mike Lipkin - One Life, One Meeting, Indie

Mike Sharp - June, Sliver Records

Mike Whitla - Early Morning Knee-Slappin' Tunes, Rainbow Songs Inc.

Mike Whitla - Elephants Have Wrinkles, Rainbow Songs Inc.

Mimi and the Groove Add-X - Lounge Rock, Indie

Mindbender - Fantasyland Before Time, Futurecho Records

Minority - The Soldiers Of Fortune EP, Indie

Mirobolus String Trio - Scratching The Surface, Anaglyph Records

Misara Ghandi - "Some of my Dreams", Indie

Miss Angel with Mel Brown & The Homewreckers - That's the Way I Tumble, Electro-Fi Records

Mista Cronks - The Unforgettable EP, Coalition Entertainment

Mit City - What's Wrong With AdLib?, Indie

Model M - Freedom From Want, Indie

Mojah - On Moruga Road, Indie

Moksha Yoga To Go - 90 Minute Class on 2 cds (with co-founder Jessica Robertson), Indie

Moksha Yoga To Go - 60 Minute Class on 1 cd (with co-founder Ted Grand), Indie

Molten Blue - Telling Time, Copper Music

Molten Blue - Vote For Orb!, Copper Music

Monica And Friends - Sing Showtunes, Indie

Monique Barry - 'Moody', Indie

Monkey - Monkey, Indie

Monkey House - Big Money (singles remasters rarities 1992-2005), Green Dolphin Music

Monster America - E.P., Hoefler Music

Moon Dancer - Soul Dream Manifestation, Indie

Morgan Davis - Blues Medicine, Electro-Fi Records

Morgan Davis - Hogtown Years, Indie

Morgan Davis - Pain Killer, Electro-Fi Records

Moulann - Introflective, Indie

Moulann - Spirals & Mazes, Indie

Moxy Fruvous - Sad Girl, radio edit from the album Thornhill - True North Records

Mr. Johnny Pennino - Mr. Johnny Pennino, MT Productions

Mr. Yum - Maybe Less Everything Else (Ane Then MoreMe)?, Indie

Multiplex - Multiplex, Senton-Recordings

Mugwump - Mugwump, Cyclocybe Records

Murder By Static - The Art Of Perplexity, Deadsix Communications

Murder By Static - Noise Pollution in Stereo, Deadsix Communications

Murder By Static - Psychotronic Motel, Deadsix Communications

Murder By Static - Tidal Bits, Deadsix Communications

Murder By Static - Danceland Dead, Deadsix Communications

Musical Poetry - Volume 2, Iridescent Music

Mustafa Al Sunni - Ommi Salam, Indie


Naming Mary - Kiki, Wintermute

Nana Tuffour - Sankofa, G. Money Productions

Nana Tuffour - Sankofa Vol. 2, G. Money Productions

Nana Tuffour - Mega Vibes, Megastar

Nancy Despot - Left Of Memphis, Noise Factory

Nancy Kraus - His Love is Real, Palm River Productions

Nancy Rathlou - Timeless Energy, Indie

Nando Di Prete - Ricordi, Indie

Narucki-Feinberg-Randall - Extraordinary Vistas (Words & Music of The MacDowell Colony), Americus Records, Inc.

Natalie Hughes - One Girl, Hearher Records

Natural Order - Starting Over, Black Gold Records

Natural Order - I Believe, Black Gold Records

Nav Sarao - Just Us, Planet Recordz

Never Never - Destroying Angel, Quantum Records

New Nuclear Frontiers - Conference Proceedings 2009, Indie

Ndidi Onukwulu - No, I Never, Jericho Beach Music/Festival

Ngoc Bich Ngan - Cung Thú, Moc Mac Melody

Ngoc Bich Ngan - Dem Bang Gia, Moc Mac Melody

Nicole Holness aka: X-Quisite - Epic, OP3 Music

Nikki Loney & Justin Abedin - Tourists in my Life, Indie

Nikki Loney & Justin Abedin - Lies and Accusations, Indie

Nikki Loney & Justin Abedin - Remixes - 765, D.A.M.,, pcdj phat, Visiosonic

Nimmons 'N' Braid - Beginnings, Indie

Nineteen James - A Bottle Of Wine... On Tuesday Nights, Indie

Ninja High School, Young Adults Against Suicide, Tomlab

Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba - Kakoua (don't cry), Amok Artists

Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba - The Conscience Of Africa, Amok Artists

Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba - Ba Ba Oh, Indie

Njacko Backo - In the Spirit of the Drum, Vol. One Rhumba (DVD), Indie

Njacko Backo - Ou Est L'Amour (Where Is The Love), Indie

No Measure - No Measure, Indie

No Stone - No Stone, Indie

Noella Choi - Restless, Noella Choi & Yu Records

Noisecore Freak - ...Murder By Static..., Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak - Corner Itch Theory, Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak - Experiments from the Rust Factory, Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak - My Mother The Anarchist, Deadsix Communications

Noize Control - Not Your Father's Jazz, Big Noize Music

Norman Barlow - The Success Formula, Indie

Norman Liota - A Strange Voice, Indie

Norman Liota - Beneath These Skies, Indie

Norman Liota - Over The Wall, Indie

Northern Storm - Real Life, Northern Storm Productions

Nuno Cristo - Minha Terra Banzambira, Indie

Nuno Cristo - Travels in Lusomania, Indie


Obstructing Justice - Obstructing Justice, Indie

Oceanship - Oceanship, Indie

Oddball - Shutterbug, Indie

OGbay Mesfun - OGbay Mesfun, Awash

Old Mine Universe - Old Mine Universe, David W. Ertl Productions

Old Tyme Quartet - Old Tyme Quartet, Indie

Olivia Newton-John - Christmas Wish, Compass Productions

Ollie J. Zern - Soul Mates, Ollie J. Zern Productions

Ollie J. Zern - Mamo Mamyhio, Ollie J. Zern Productions

O'Luge - Hard End, O'Luge Productions

O'Luge - Movements, Last Gang Records

Omaha Lounge Band - The Omaha Lounge, Critter

One Cross - Key Lime Cry, Indie

One Cross - Welcome to the Real World..., MDS Records

One Step Beyond - osb e.p., Keta4 Music

One Step Beyond - osb, Outside Music / Mo'Funk Records

One Step Beyond - Life Out There, Outside Records

Onoscatopoeia (The hart House Jazz Choir) - The EH List, Indie

Ontario Hypnosis Centre - Relax & Rejuvenate, Indie

Ontario Hypnosis Centre - Take Back Control & Change Your Habits, Indie

Ontario Securities Commission - Dialogue with the O.S.C. 2002, Indie

Oru Rojaavin - Poraattam, Thamil Creators Of Canada

Otis Gayle - Follow Your Dreams, Rumenal Records

Out of the Storm - Out of the Storm, VMS Production

Out of your Mouth - Draghdad, ViK/BMG

Outbred Inlaws - Tears run off Leather, Indie

Outbred Inlaws - Just One Shot, Indie

Outward Sound Ensemble - Thunder in a Clear Sky, Discus

Owen Fernley - The Whispering Gallery, Indie


Pablo Dulce - Kind Of Blue Harmonica, The Jazz / Blues Workshop

Pablo Terry - Life Is A Dream, Pablo Terry

Pablo Terry - Christmas Flute, Pablo Terry

Pablo Terry - The Island, Pablo Terry

Painter - Strange As It Seems, Painter

Pamplemousse - Unpeeled, Pamplemousse

Paolo - I'm Not Leaving, Mast Music Records

Paolo - Is Everbody Happy?!, Mast Music Records

Papa Fogals Chair - Two Faced Is Never Pretty, Ugly Spirit Records

Paper Angee - Observing Miss Spent****, Smudge Records

Pappy Johns Band - Blame it on Monday, Pappy Johns Band

Pappy Johns Band with Murray Porter - Full Circle, Pappy Johns Band

Pappy Johns Blues Band - Pappy Johns III (Havin' A Good Time Now), Indie

Parade -Frustration, Plan Eleven

Parmela Attariwala - Sapphire Skies, Hornblower Recordings

Partsunknown - Airshow, Dot Dash

Pascale Soucy - Pieces Of Me, Dream Vox Productions

Pat Carey's Jazz Navigators - Starlight, Iridescent Music

Pat Thomas - Sika Nantee, Megastar

Patricia Jean Edge-Huff - Crystal Light Therapy (A Guided Meditation & Journey), Indy

Patricia Murray - Patricia Murray, Factor/Canadian Heritage

Patti Layne - Prairie Burn, Wolf Song

Paul DeBuono - More Than Just a Friend, Paul DeBuono

Paul Ghezzi - Awaken Your Inner Genius ¥ Harness Your Pure Potential & Accelerate Your Success, Paul Ghezzi

Paul Ian Weir - Life Force Suite, Audioluscious Productions

Paul James Band - Acoustic Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul James Band - Lazy Crazy Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul James Band - La Vie en Bleu, Mar Sol Music

Paul James Band - Lost In The Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul LePage - Closer To Home, Wolf Song

Paul Oscher - Alone With The Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Paul Sonier and the Blooze Hounds - Tails From The Dog Pound, Paul Sonier

Paula Griffith - Chosen, PG Productions

Pelham Centre United Church - A Time For Praise - Sing To The Lord, Pelham Centre United Church

Penn Kemp - On Our Own Spoke-Performance Poetry, Penn Kemp/Pendas Prod.

Percy Nils Adler - Good Morning, Indie

Pest(e) - Test(e), T.B.A.

Pete Cugno - Christmas Time, Pete Cugno

Peter Gault, Amy Rachelle - A Psycho-Sexual Incantation, L.P.C. Group

Peter Monk - Glorious Day, Peter Monk

Peter Murray - Peter Murray Vs. The Ants, Peter Murray

Peter Richards - Celestial Gateway, Red Dragon Productions

Peter Richards - The Wheel of Avalon, Red Dragon Productions

Peter Rossetti - Peter Rossetti, Ponder on the Hum Music

Peter Smith Quartet - Caliente & Cool, PoteSmote Music

Peter Smith Quartet - Yule Like This, PoteSmote Music

Peter Smith Quartet - Blue & Green, PoteSmote Music

Peter Vox - Eclectric, Say Uncle! Productions

Petunia - The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest, Dreary Place I've Ever Seen, Petunia

Phatt Al - The LoFI Factor, New Empire

Phe Cullen - The Standards, Euphemia Records

Phe Cullen - Phe Cullen, United One Records

Phil Madsgaard - Talk About Your Good Times, Hmmm?, Indie

Phil Mills - Rain On The Sand, Indie

Phil Smith - Tribute-We Shall Always Remember From Where My Brother Calls My Name-9-11-01, Phil Smith

Pholde - Finding Internal Asylum, C3R Records

Pierre Chiasson - Riverside, Pierre Chiasson

Pink Ships - Pink Ships, Pink Ships

Pizza Mind - Pizza Mind

P. J. Perry - Time Flies, Featuring Bobby Shew, Justin Time Records

P.J. Perry - Trio, Independent

Plains of Fascination -Join the Ranks, don't blink music

Plasmatics - see Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics

Policies & Procedures - The City Burns, Affluence Music Group

Por Nada - Por Nada, Por Nada

Portraits In Jazz - A Tribute To Wes Montgomery, Radioland Enterprises

Power Beat - Power Beat, Newtek Music

Preacher - 10th Anniversary, Woodsy Records

Puddy - Sweetspot, Puddy

Pump Action Joe - Politics for Preskoolers, Pump Action Joe

Punjabi by Nature - Raise The Roof, Punjabi by Nature

Purple Hill - Beechnut St., Purple Hill Records

Purple Joe - The White Album, Indie

Purse - Furnace Dancing****, Tuxpseudo Music


Queen's Bands - Past, Present and Future, The Tradition Continues, Queen's Bands

Quin-Mo-Lac - 50th Anniversary Music Celebration, Quin-Mo-Lac


R7sharp11 - 2am, Smokey Joe's, R Seven Sharp Eleven

R Generation - (Absolutely), Staxx of Traxx

R.A. Lautenschlager - Father's Boots, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager - Remember, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager - Never Alone, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager - Songs for Seasons, Indie

Race - Race, supermono records

Radiate - Alien Invasion***, Poptronik Inc.

Radio Hepcats - Radio Hepcats, Antarctic Press

Radio Nomad - Kalim Jamil (Beautiful Words), Radio Nomad

Radio Sasquatch - Trancendental Dam, Furry Butler Records

Rafeef Ziadah - Hadeel, Indie

Raffi Bedrosyan - Favorite Classics & Armenian Gems, Aldar Productions

Raging Hormones - Bare As You Dare, Indie

Raging Hormones - Smooch****, Indie

Rahman Rajan - Kahani Brahma Baba, RR Productions

Rainbow Songs - Oh Baby!, Indie

Raphael Wressnig's Organic Trio- Boom Bello!

Ramis Bet Shmoel - Pride Love, Indie

Random Order - Dimples and Anti-Depressants, Indie

Randy Smith - Right Now, Indie

Randy Smith - Never Too Late, Indie

Rani - Illusions of Lonliness, Indie

Raoul And The Big Time - Big Time Blues, Big Time Records

Rational Youth - 3 Remixes for the New Cold War, Energy Rekords

Rational Youth - Everything is Vapour Money & Blood, Energy Rekords

Rational Youth - Box Set - E.P., Coboloid Race, City of Night , Saturdays in Silesia, In Your Eyes, Energy Rekords

Ratsicule - Un Chaud Combo, Indie

Raven - The Shockwave, Indie

Ray Edge - Soul Connection, Solar Records

Raymond Winston Hancock - Raymond Winston Hancock, Winsong Music

Rebecca Anne Banks - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue..., Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Paul Rubog - Crying For Freedom, Indie

Red K. Madison - Honestly..., A-10-Tive Records

Red Light Green "Red Light Green", Indie

Reflections - Meditations For The Mind, Haldimand Hills Spa

Relish - Relish, Indie

Reno - Messed Up, Renosmusic

Resinators - Maximum Dub, Indie

Rest - In The Fire, The Upper Room

Rev. Yawson - Fa Wo Ho Bo Nyame, Megastar

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu - Mpaebc Nnwom, Reverend Michael Bonsu

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu - Mpaebc Nnwom Vol. 2 + 3, Reverend Michael Bonsu

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu - Yesu wu mame & Awurade Gya Remix, Reverend Michael BonsuÂ

Revolve - Resolve, Indie

Richard Cranium - Richard Cranium, Indie

Richard Feren - Descent of Ishtar, Plan Eleven

Richard Schiller - The Plastic Case Soundtrack, Indie

Richard Schiller - Hockey Rink Sad Songs, Indie

Rick Charbonneau - Man Who Walks By Moonlight, Indie

Rick Fielding - This One's The Dreamer, The Borealis Recording Co. Ltd.

Rick Fines - Arcadia, T.B.A.

Rick Fines - Solar Powered, Indie

Rick Fines Trio - Riley Wants His Life Back, Indie

Rick Fines & Suzie Vinnick - Nothing Halfway, Indie

Rick Miller - The One, Indie

Rick Worrall - Colour Me Blue, Rick Worrall Music

Ricky Raccoon And Friends - Have a Happy Happy Day!, Zamion Entertainment

Ricky Rumball - Divine Blue, Green Dolphin Music

Righteous - The Administrator Of Truth, Cigah Music Inc.

Ring Cycle - Flame of Days, Supermono Records

Ring Cycle - Heart of Mind, Supermono Records

Rings of June - Rings of June, Indie

Rip Sanders - You're the One Rose, Indie

Ripped - Blow Your Mind, Sextant/EMI

Rise - Becoming, Rise Music

Rise - Stuck, Rise Music

Rise - Above All The Noise, Rise Music

Rise - Light Of Day, Fishfood Records

Riviera Regime - Thugz Of War, Landmine Entertainment

Rob Ursel + The House Doctors - Rx, Indie

Rob Wright - Fleur De Ma Vie, Wright Ideas Inc. Prod.

Rob Wright - Flyer, Wright Ideas Inc. Prod.

Rob Wyatt - Lucky Disc, Ecstatic Records

Robbie Lane & The Disciples - Ain't Dead Yet***, Chicken Records

Robert Davis & Snapping Toes - I Dream of Pizza, Snapping Toes Music

Robert Davis & Snapping Toes - Get Snappy, Snapping Toes Music

Robert Hedge - Howling At The Sun, Black Box Records

Robert Strauss - Solo Performance, Indie

Robert L. Thrall & Karen Thrall Padgett - Jesus Of The Cross, Indie

Robin Banks - Modern Classics, Indie

Robin Seeram - TimelessMemories, Seeram Productions

Robyn Pauhl - Robyn Pauhl, Robyn's Nest Productions Ltd.

Rock Star Scientist - E.P., Omega-Tunage Records, Morrisville, NC

Rocket Surgery - Migrant, Indie

Rockit 88 Band - Too Much Fun, 7 Arts Entertainment

Rocky G - Definition, Fool Shool Productions

Rodney Ronquillo - Distances, Indie

Roger O'Donnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky, Otisonic Records

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Saracen****, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Solo Guitar***, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Medina, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Misterio, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Encore!, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco - Noche Flamenca, Ritmo Productions

Ron Hedland - Someday..., RH Positive Music

Ron Nigrini - Undisguised Hearts, Oasis Records

Ron Sexsmith - How On Earth (Radio Single), Warner

Roots - The Spirit Of '96, Indie

Roots - The Spirit Of '96 Volume II, Indie

Roots - Hip Retro '70's, Indie

Ros - Water on the Moon, New Digital Media

Rosanne Baker Thornley - Courage*, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley - Don't Take Me For Granted, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley - Get On The Lion, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley - Get On The Lion Album Masters: Part One, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley - Rosanne Baker Thornley, Isba/Sony

Rose Nadeau - The Night Was Silent, J & M Production

Rosedale - Get Going, Indie

Route 66 - Route 66, Richter

Royal Rizow - Ghetto Dreamz, Act'N Bad Entertainment

Rudy Meeks - Merry Is The Fiddle, First Century Productions

Rubim de Toledo, Bomba Presents, seu SWING, Bomba

Rumba Gypsy - Viajero, Indie

Running With Scissors - What If, Slipstream Music

Russian League - The Best Russian Dance Hits Collection, Sababa Records

Ruth Ann Galatas - Piano Lady, Pacific Music Canada

Ruth Fazal - Fire of Love, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Songs from the River, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Songs from the River Volume I, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Songs from the River Volume II, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Songs from the River Volume III, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Breath New Life In Us, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Inside Your Heart, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Coming up from the Wilderness Vol.1 Fresh Oil, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Coming up from the Wilderness Vol.2 Whirlwind Romance, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Coming up from the Wilderness Vol.3 Lamentation, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Who Is This? Vol. 1, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Who Is This? Vol. 2, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Together We Come To The Father, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Fountain Of Tears, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal & Gary Wiens - Songs of a Burning Heart, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal & Gary Wiens - The Seven Last Words Of Christ, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - All I Need, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Joy in the Night, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Oratorio Terezin, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal - Awakening (a Symphonic Vision), Tributary Music

Ruthann Springle - Be, Sound Grove Records

Ryan Byrne - Question Games, Indie


Safri Boyz - Safri's Musical Journey, Desi Music Corporation

Saintrose - Virgin Stories, KnottyGirl Records

Sam Myers (With Special Guest Mel Brown) - Coming from the Old School, Electro-Fi Records

Sam Noto - Now Hear This, Supermono Records0

Sam T - Watch How You Flex, Gye Nyame Sounds D.J. Oduro

Sam Turton - Feel, Dogsnest Music

Samba Elégua - P.S. Kensington Live, Indie

Samba Squad - Bauque, Indie

Same Latitude As Rome - The Faerie Queen & Other Stories, Indie

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa/Harjinder Singh Gill - Raga Sadhana, Soundcurrent Productions

Sandro Dominelli - Meet Me In The Alley, Second Storey Records/Festival

Santers - Cold Fusion, Dandelion Records (6)

Sara Kamin - The Music In Me, Indie

Sara Latendresse - Sara Latendresse, Indie

Sarah MacRae - Something So Right, Indie

Sárah Siddiqui - Rosewater Songs, Indie

Sarasin - The Last Word, Indie

SARSical - Original Cast Recording, Rumoli Bros. Studios

Sasha - Zemzemeye Baran, Jam Music Productions

SAT Stoicizmo - Mah 2, Artware Products

Satish - Time is Yet To Come, Rainsong Records

Saturday Nite Fish Fry - Rhythm & Soul, 7 Arts Entertainment

Saturday Nite Fish Fry - Dirt Road Blues, 7 Arts Entertainment

Scarlet - E.P., Indie

Scarlet Sins - Reborn, Indie

Scotiabank Group - International Assignment Program (Scotiabank Expatriate Program), Indie

Scott Driscoll - No Regrets, Indie

Scott Freethy - The Beginning, Indie

Scott McCord and the Bonafide Truth - Love & Sorrow / Mystery Song, Indie

Scrape - Cruelest Intentions, Dark Reality Productions

Sean Burns - A Glimpse Through Storyboards & Situations, Indie

Sean Hully - Interaction, Indie

Sean McClure - Guitarwallo, Indie

Seán Stephens - Crazy Ride, Indie

Sean Stephens and the Chaos System - Midnight Radio Show, Indie

Secret Agent - From Conception To Execution, Skull Geek Rec./Mum N' Dad Rec.

Secret Suburbia - Midi Gritty, Indie

Sedona Bane - Sedona Bane, Lettuce Beats Records

Selassie I Power - King Of Kings, Selassie I Power Music

Selina Martin - Life Drawing Without Instruction, Indie

Separation Suicide - Conversations, Cyclop Media

Servo - Hootenanny!, Indie

7th Toronto Regiment Band - Royal Canadian Artillery, RCA

Shadow Fax - Conversations Low, Cryptic Records

Shadowplay - Shadowplay, Indie

Shadrach - The Good Shepherd, G. Money Productions

Shakura S'Aida - Blueprint, Umi Entertainment

Shane - Real Life, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Shane Quinn - Kingdom Comedown, Marching Tears

Shane Philips - Super Fly, Indie

Shannon Butcher - Words We Both Could Say, Summer Bloom Records

Sharon Said - Sharon Said, Indie

Shawn - Snow at the Station, Shawn Stephenson

Shawn Wiseman - Life Is A Buzz, Indie

Shawn Wiseman - Etched In Time, Indie

Shedrock - Test Rastafari, Tall Korn Records

Sheila - The World or the Rope, Sheila Fung

Shekinah Music & Mike Kalambay - Dans ta Présence Vol.1, Indie

Shelley Jones - Faithfully, Rawlco Radio

Shelley Jones - Love On Time, Rawlco Radio / Varze Records

Shemp - The Brothers' Coach House, Indie

Sheri Somerville - Crazy love, Rawlco Radio

Sherri Layte - A Closer Walk, Indie

Sherry-Lou Flint - From Me...To You, Indie

Shoemaker Levee - Whynd, Indie

Shohjohkisshohtan / Tsurubami, C3R / Kawabata

Show & Tell Tunes - The Really Little Theatre Co., Indie

Showroom - Still Escalator, Indie

Showroom - The World Is Too Much With Us, Indie

Sid Booty - Sid Booty, Indie

Siddal - The Old Songs From This Old Town, Bedazzled Records

Sidol - Three Cheers for Mike Rotch, Andreas Seidl

Siedem Darow - Wieczne Alleluja, Indie

Sights and Sounds Productions - Video Dance Party, Sights and Sounds Productions

Signifying Monkey - New Standards, T.B.A.

Simeon Ross - Unarmed, Indie

Simmons & Lewis - The Jazz of Don Simmons & Mike Lewis****, Don Simmons Music

Simonhouse - Rock! (Rok)1, Simonhouse Bible Camp

Simon Rettie - Left Behind, Little Fred Records

Simon Wilcox - E.P. Sampler, SHErecords/BMG

Simon Wilcox - Smart Function, SHErecords/BMG

Singing Out! (The Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Toronto) - For Love Must Have a Voice, Indie

Sirena - Blue Planet, Polygram, Russia

Sisters Euclid - Other Folks, Poverty Playlist

Sisters Euclid - All Babies Go To War, Poverty Playlist

Sisters Euclid - Sunday Best, Poverty Playlist

Sisters Euclid - Live at The Orbit Room Seven Years Of Mondays, Poverty Playlist, Original Spin Media Inc.

Sister Someone - The Money Shot, United One Records

Skattack - The Next Best Thing, Indie

Slakah Tha BeatChild - Too Late Now, 423 Entertainment / BeatChild Productions

Slaughter - Surrender of Die, Utopian Vsion Music

Slav Simanic - Water of Life, Latter Rain Records

Slurpymundae - Sifter, Sour Music

Smeer - Smeer, Coalition Entertainment

Smeer - Loud And Clear, Coalition Entertainment

Smeer - Loud And Clear, Coalition Entertainment

Smooth Blend , Featuring Sandy Faux- Cocktails By Five, Indie

Smudgie - Smudgie, Attitude Recordz

Sneakers sports Bar & Grill - Christmas Gift '97, Indie

Snooky Pryor - Can't Stop Blowin', Electro-Fi

Snooky Pryor and his Mississippi Wrecking Crew - Electro-Fi

Snooky Pryor - Mojo Ramble, Electro-Fi

Snooky Pryor/Mel Brown - Double Shot, Electro-Fi Records

Soaker Bunch - Tales of Pre-School Heroes, Indie

Soap Box Preacher - Negligible Space Debris, Little Fish Records

Sok - "Nut Casez", Indie

Soldire's Last Letter - Wall Of Honour Memorial Song, Indie

Solon Reyes - Across the Pacific, SR Mus-Ent

Sonal Anu - Sleep Drum, Fhoot! Records

Sons of Town Hall - Somebody's Birthplace, Indie

Songs of Cheran - Songs of Cheran, Aruvi Productions

Sophie Berkal-Sarbit - The Gypsy in My Soul, 7 Arts

Soul Drummers - Talkin' Drum, Soul Drums Ltd.

Souls of the Red Dream - Your Faith Bleeds, Sonic Lodge Publishing

Sounds of Tobago - Caribbean Rainforest, Higher Ground Music

Sour - Pilot, So You Are Music

Souxou Mouxou - Dance and a Feast, Indie

Spa-la-la - Instrumental Bliss (sampler), Indie

Spadina Avenue String Band - Spadina Avenue String Band, Campbell Record Co.

Spirit Wind - Breathing the Wind, Indie

Splinter Cage - Still Movement Bliss ep, Plan Eleven

Spunky Munkey - Commercial?, Spunky Munkey

Spymachine 16 - How Things Come Apart, Indie

St. Anne's Church Choir - Meditate to the Music of Taize, Indie

St t Vlad - Deep in the Black, Nitrous Inc. Music

Stan Janes - Things I Wish I'd Said, Indie

Star Map Caravan - SMC Star Map Caravan, Mystic Hicks Music

Starr - All Season All Stars, Escape records

Starter - Rank Charm School E.P., Barkin' Hot Records

Starter - UnderPLASTIC, Barkin' Hot Records

Statik - Extra Smooth E.P., Five Pin Din Productions

Ste. Anne's Spa - Inn Repose, Indie

Stella Panacci - Release Me, Hoodwink Records

Stephanie Domingues - From Within, Indie

Stephanie Pakrul - Not A Victim, Yellow Open Music Liscence

Stefano - I Wanna Get Close, Seven Chakras Music

Stephen Heathcock - Breath of God, Indie

S.T.E.P.P. - Shinetime, Sharty B Production

Steve Fox - Steve Fox, Amsterdam Management Inc.

Steve Fox -, Amsterdam Management Inc.

Steve Grisbrook - Blue Sneakers, Indie

Steven West - Electricky, Steven West/Dungeon Studio

Stiffler's Mom - E.P., Indie

Stonesthrow - Lay It Down, Indie

Stonesthrow - Rocks Will Shout!, Indie

Storm Gordon - Someone To Dance With, Wonderlust

Storm Gordon - Twilight World c/w I Wish U Heaven, Wonderlust

Strange Boutique - The Loved One, Bedazzled Records

Strange Noises And Kismet - Sayin' You're Done, Label Records

Strauss / Gershwin Gala - Salute to Vienna, Attila Glatz Concert Productions Inc.

Streamlined - The World Makes You Open Your Eyes, Indie

Street 66 - Street 66, Indie

Stu Harcourt - Coming of Age, Indie

Studio Urartu - Urartu, Indie

Stutter - Stutter, Thunderbox Records Inc. / Nevada Entertainment Inc.

Sue Pyper - Before You Learn To Fly, Indie

Sugah J. Philips - Stay..., Jacob Records

Sukhbir Sukhi - Vich Pardesa De, Desi Records

Suleiman Warwar - Beyond Rhythm, Indie

Sulk - Don't Tell Me, Page Distribution

Sultans of String - Atomic Gypsy-jazz-flamenco, Indie

Sundogs - The Forth Process, Orbgrabber Music

Sunshine State - Sunshine State, Umi Entertainment

Surface Underground - Surface Underground, Indie

Sustain - Ginger Snaps, Sustainment Entertainment

Suzanne Brown featuring The Chain Gang- Decent Woman Blues, Indie

Suzanne Carriere, S.A.S.V. - La Priére Chrétienne-Expérience de rencontre dans le couer de Dieu, Indie

Sweetblood And The Hounds - Ruff, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds - Fetch This, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds - Unmuzzled, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds - Not Just For Dogs, Sweetblood Productions

Sweet Harmony - ...For The Runnin', Indie

Sweet Spot - Lifejacket, Indie

Swing Street! /Ron Davis~Tony Quarrington~Ka-Cheong Liu - Swing Street!, Blue Gardenia Records

Switch - E.P., Indie

Switch - All For Love, Indie

Switch 96 - Propaganda, BSI Productions

Syrens Of Titan - Syrens Of Titan***, SOT Music


Tabarruk - Jonah, Wheel Records

Tabu - Coisas D' Outrora, Agora

Tabu - Pois...Pois, Agora

Tamara - Tamara, Mukwa Music

Tamara Miller - 60 Seconds, Indie

Tamara Morgan Chaffee - Let Hope Be Mine, Indie

Tanisha Taitt- Tanisha Taitt, Soulstice Creative Enterprises

Tanisha Taitt - Overflow, Bloodsongs

Tanya Mullings - Music Is My Life, VP Records

Tara Davidson - Code Breaking, Indie

Tara Lee Combs - Whether We Shall Repel, Gaiadisk Records

Tara Taylor Quinn - The Heart Of Christmas, Romantic Moments Soundtracks/MeWe Productions/Harlequin Entertainment Ltd.

Tarana - Bageshree Vaze, Bibhas Music Publishing

Taylor Abrahamse - My Friend Today, TaylorMade Music

Taylor O'Meara - Taylor O'Meara, Indie

Ted Nasmith - The Hidden Door Songs in the Key of Enchantment, Indie

Tension - We Hate...Destroy, Indie

Terra Hazleton - Anybodiy's Baby, HealeyOphonic Records

Terri Oliver - Exponentially, Indie

Terra Hazelton - Anyone's Baby, HealeyOphonic

Terry Blersh - Terry Blersh, Indie

Terry Langley - Days Of Gray EP, T.B.A.

Tertium Quid - Ter¥shum¥kwid, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir - The A Cappella Chamber Choir, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir - The Glory Manger, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir - Waves, Sing to Me, Indie

Djanet Sears - The Adventures of a Black Girl In Search Of God, Indie

The Band Every - "Santa" Benturian's Christmas, Trad Land Records

The Bee's Knees - What's the Buzz, TBK Records

The Binary Link - Follow The Body Brick Road, Indie

The Bluestones - Outskirts of Town, Wet Cat Records

The Blues Hounds - Prowlin', Indie

The Brian Dickinson Quartet - Soul Mission, Elan Jazz

The Buddhagrass Family Unit - The Buddhagrass Family Unit, Moodfoodmusic

The Burgerheads - The Burgerheads, Indie

The Burns - Forget My Face*, Indie

The Cansecos - The Cansecos, Upper Class Recordings

The Carnations - Superluminal, Indie

The Cat House Dogs - Bark, Indie

The Cauze - The Cauze, T.B.A.

The chickadivas - Wintersong, Indie

The Choirs Of St. James United Church - Love Came Down At Christmas, Indie

The Clayton / Scott Group - August..., Indie

The Coggs "Blackjack And Cigarettes"

The Colour Of Soul - 100% Concentrate, Indie

The Col Trio - First Days (Capon, Wallman, Zubek), Magnolia Productions

The Cosmos - Life-size, Slipperysongs Inc.

The Curtain Society - Inertia, Bedazzled Records

The Curtain Society - Volume Tone Tempo, Bedazzled Records

The Dan Tucker Band - Soul Graffiti, Panacea Productions

The Dan Tucker Band - Hope of the Dead, Panacea Productions

The Danns - Norm's Song, Indie

The Doo-Wops - Live!, Indie

The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard - Christmas Album, EMI - Capitol

The Drifters - Greatest Hits, K-Tel

The Drop Joys - Self Titled, Indie

The Dymaxions - How the Sick may Help Themselves, Indie

The Ernesto Cervini Quartet - Here, Indie

The Fence Sitters - Real, Live Hippoponymous, Indie

The Frank Cosentino Band - Unfinished Business, BMS Music

The Full Nine - Dead Wait, Indie

The Galaxy All-Star Orchestra - Kings of Swing Vol. 1, Diamond Entertainment Inc.

The Gary Kendall Band - Feels Real Strong, 47 Records

The Golden Dogs - The Golden Dogs, Indie

The Good Skamaritans - Time To Save The World, Indie

The Great Lakes - The Great Lakes EP, T.B.A

The GTA Swing Band - The Weather Sessions, Indie

The Haymakers - The Haymakers, Harold Potten

The Heffernan Family and Friends - Stay Awhile, Indie

The Hope - The Hope, Micmusic

The Howard Sprague Experience - Muffler, Eastview Productions

The House Doctors - Fairytales + Poisons, Accidental Records

The Identity Crisis - Your Girlfriend Thinks I'm Fine, Radio Insect Records

The Identity Crisis - Record of the Year, Radio Insect Records

The Immigrants - Out On A Limb, Awkward Music

The Impalites - Live In The Impala, Indie

The Impalites - It's a Small World....and Flat, Indie

The Impalites - We Got 8 Balls, Indie

The Impalites - We're Not Done Yet, Indie

The Jazz of D. Simmons & M. Lewis - Halfway, Don Simmons Music

The Jazz Mechanics - Current Events, T.B.A.

The Johnny Max Band - Long Gone Train..., Indie

The Johnny Max Band - In The Doghouse...Again!, Indie

The Johnstones - What the Rosstek?!, Indie

The Journey - Grupo Taller*****, Factor/Canadian Heritage

The Jukes - What A Night, Indie

The Korean United Church Choir - Messiah, St. Lukes United Church

The Last Metro - The Mystery Hour, Indie

The Laundry Room Quartet- LRQ, Indie

The Lester McLean Trio - Best Foot Forward, Mos Records

The Lincolns - Take One, Attic

The Lincolns - Funky Funky Funky, Creedo Music

The Livin' Blues Band - Got Me Crazy, Livin' Blues Records

The Lords - Evidentemente, Lusocan Records

The Lovebugs - Unbugged and Unplugged, Indie

The Luge Sessions - Hard End, O'Luge Productions

The Marigolds - The Marigolds, Indie

The Martels - Rock' n Roll Show (Celebrating 50 Years), Indie

The Meantime - a


The Mighty Revelators - Reach Out And Help Somebody, Flaming Cheese Records

The Mood - The Autumn of Your Life, Indie

The Mosquito Saga - The Mosquito Saga, Indie

The Nth Digri - Return Of The Rappoet, Revword Co.

The New Shady Groove - E.P., Indie

The North Algona All Stars - In A Land of Lankes and Monsters, Annapurna Records

The Nylons - Fabric Of Life, Attic

The Nylons - Play On, Fusion lll Inc.

The O'Darling - The O'Darling, Indie

The Odyssey Blues Band - Something Borrowed Something Blues, Indie

The Orange Project - Scenes From the Waiting Room..., Next Level Entertainment

The Pangea Project, The Pangea Project, Indie

The Parisiens - Pass (it) On, The Notehouse

The Peterborough Children's Chorus - How Can I Keep From Singing?, Indie

The Peterborough County Choir - O Music, Indie

The Peterborough County Choir - Here's to Song, Indie

The Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble - We Honour You, Indie

The Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble -  Singin' Again, Indie

The Pettit Project - CheeROCKracy, Affluence Music Group

The Pettit Project - Hell Yeah, Bring It On!, Affluence Music Group

The Pettit Project - Super Awesome Best Party, Affluence Music Group

The Premiums - Recognizer, Indie

The Premiums - Primetime, Indie

The Quintessential Factor - The Quintessential Factor, Indie

The Really Little Theatre Co. - Show (And Tell) Tunes, Show & Tell Productions

The Red Heat - Sick Sessions, Indie

The Risen - Moderate Rock, Indie

The Salads - Get Loose (Radio Single), Maui Wowie Records / Kindling Music

The Sauce - Inevitable, Indie

The Scenes - The Scenes, Indie

The Sexual Persuasion Band - The Sexual Persuasion Band, Indie

The Shaftmen - Mining the Blues, Indie

The Shaftmen - Paycheque Blues, Indie

The Sick Lipstick - Sting, Sting, Sting, Tigerstyle

The Signifying Monkeys - New Standards, 'Nockity Records

The Silk Demise - The Silk Demise, Indie

The Skanksters - Dub Cookery, Simmerdown Productions

The Skyliners - Unleashed, Indie

The Slick Willys - Crash Bang, Big H Music

The Soenen Sisters - Remembrance, Indie

The Spence & Greer Band - Nothing's Certain 'Til You Press Record, Indie

The Stars Here - Shine Right Through Me EP, Doormat Records

The Strauss Festival Orchestra - Salute to Vienna-Strauss/Gershwin Gala, Attila Glatz Concert Prod. Inc.

The Son Roberts Band - You Don't Know Yet, Gate Productions Inc.

The Summit Band - Where I Belong, Indie

The Sun Harmonic - The Sun Harmonic, Indie

The 13th Knight - Original Theatrical Score, Tony Tosti Publishing

The Three Tenor Saxes - Steppin' Out Of Blue Monday, MT Productions

The Tin Eddies - The Tin Eddies, Steve Fox

The Turnarounds - The Turnarounds, Indie

The Turn It Ups - Tear It Up and Start Again, Indie

The Undecidable - 1994 - 2007, Indie

The Unity Band - Let's Return toLove..., Indie

The Unseen Guest - The Unseen Guest, Indie

The Weber Brothers - 149 Lake Street, Indie

The Weber Brothers - Lost & Found, Indie

The Weber Brothers -Live at the Gordon Best, Indie

The Well - June, Indie

The Young Ones of Guyana - On Tour, Indie

Then Radio: - Serial Numbers, Indie

Throb Of Offal - Moss Funeral, Bloodbucket Productions

Thyron - Tone, VerBil Records

Tibet Trinkhor - Modern Songs of Tibet Trinkhor Vol. 3, Indie

Ticklish Brother - Practicality at its Maximum, Very Nice Records

Tidrake - Tidrake, Indie

Tijuana Bibles - Apartment Wrestling, Indie

Tijuana Bibles - Custom Made, Tear It Up Records

Tijuana Bibles - Fists Of Fury, Indie

Tim James - Upside Down & Backwards, Bloodbucket Productions

Tina Hartt - You Don't Know Me, Indie

Tip Splinter - Shavings From, Indie

Title - Moonfly, Malcron

Toasted Western - Adventures Of The Riverdale Kid, RDK Records

Todd Cloes - Riddles, Perch Pie Records

Tokyo Giants - "Live" On The Steps, Indie

Tom Burlinson - The Man In The Hat (Limited Edition E.P.), Batang Pty Ltd.

Tom Burlinson - Frank, A Life in Song, Batang Pty Ltd.

Tom Cashmore - Grafted In, Indie

Tom Eastland - Better Get A Mirror, Indie

Tom Eastland- Mot, Indie

Tommy Montgomery's - Grace Period, Indie

Tony Antidormi - Feel The Beat, Indie

Tony Davis - Riverwolf, Riverwolf Music & Production / I Box Publishing (Thieves & Kings)

Tony Gouveia - Fado Ardente, SPA

Tony Quarrington - One Bright Morning, Cordova Bay / Ragged Pup Records

Too Far Gone - Chemicals, Period Records

Too Far Gone - King Of Pop, Period Records

Tool Rental - Tool Rental, Stinklube

Toronto District School Board - Orff Songs & Activities (Curriculum Resource Guide K-6 2005), Indie

Toronto Dominion Bank - Don't Stop Thinking About Investments, Indie

Toronto Korean United Church ELS Choir - Voices of Our Generation, Indie

Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Alankar, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir - Welsh Rabbit, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir - Away In A Manger, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir - Live At Glenn Gould Studio, Indie

Torque - Quasi-stellar Radio Source, Random Sound

Tracy K & the Right Hand Band - Old, New, Borrowed & Blues, Indie

Trance to the Sun - Azalean Sea 1998 1997 1996, Ambulancia Records

Transience - Water, Indie

Tressiah Bombino - Tressiah Bombino, Indie

Trevor Howard - The Water's Edge ***, Indie

Tribal Stomp - Tribal Stomp EP, Indie

Tribesmen - Paintbrush Tongue, Indie

Trike Stunts - Trike Stunts, Mime Radio

Trish - Bare, Triadeity Productions

Trole - Trole, Indie

Trouser - Fly, Witch City Music

Trout - Karen's Legs, Indie

Trow! - Punk Rawk To Help The Soul, Indie

Tuias - Tuias, Bundance Productions

Tuuli - Tuuli, Indie

Twenty6hundred - Free With Purchase, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Twinn - Space Could Save Us, Same Wave Records

2•4 Left - 2•4 Left, Indie

TYA - Paleface, Music & Show Lab

TYA - Age Before Beauty, Music & Show Lab

Tyler Hamilton - The Man You See, Full Force Music Inc.

Tyler Kyte - Let's Talk EP, Lefthook Entertainment / Umi Entertainment

Tyler Yarema & His Rythm - Gotta Bran' New Suit, Radioland Enterprises


U Weight Loss Clinics - Information Presention Designed For Your Success, Indie

U Weight Loss Clinics - U Yoga Balanced Body & Mind, Indie

Ultra - Walk On Water, Indie

Uncut & Spawks - By Hook of by Crook, ExtraClip.Com

Underbrush - Underbrush, Westside Records

Unfair Advantage - Ground Zero, Hoodwink Records Inc.

Union City - Union City, Indie

Unit 404 - "Details", Indie

Unit 404 - The Rhythm And The Blues, Indie

Unit 404 - No Star., Indie

United Spirit Demo - Featuring Jazzus and The Rhyme Ministah, Indie

U.N. Piece Keepers - U.N. Piece Keepers, Up North Records

Upstream - Upstream, Indie

Uranium Willy - Uranium Willy, Indie

Urban Rhythm Collective - Passport, URC Productions

Urus - Sacred Waters, Indie


Valber & Vanille - O Salåo tá Cheio, Indie

Valerie Mero-Smith & Brahm Goldhamer - In The Quiet Hours, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-Smith - Coming Home, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-Smith - Behind the Mask, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-Smith - Gift of Christmas, VMS Production

Valarie Williams - Surrounded By Love, ValJo Records

Valu David - Valu David, Luv Music Entertainment

Vampire Beach Babes - Beach Blanket Bedlam!, Divine Industries Inc.

Vampire Horses - Transylvania Crypt Kicker, Indie

Van Allen Belt - Van Allen Belt, Despot Industries

Vandana Vishwas - Meera The Lover..., Indie

Vanquished - Black Northern Storm, Krankenhaus Records

Variances - Paris To Kyiv, Olesia Productions

Various - A Blind Man's Gallery of Mirrors, Freedom in a Vacuum

Various - A Canadian Christmas, Show Stopping Entetainment Inc./Universal Music

Various - Alleviation, Silber Records

Various - AmorDe Artista 2009 (10th anniversary), Venus Creations

Various - Bana Y'Africa, Africa New Music

Various - Bandsearch 99-Bands Volume 1, Upper Room Records

Various - Bandsearch 99-Bands Volume 2, Upper Room Records

Various - Bandsearch 99-Soloist Compilation, Upper Room Records

Various - Bandsearch 2000-Bands, Upper Room Records

Various - Barefeat Presents..., Barefeat Recordings

Various - Blues Piano-Rama, Electro-Fi Records

Various - Buckets of Blood Volume 1..., BloodBucket Productions

Various - Buckets of Blood Volume 11..., BloodBucket Productions

Various - Buckets of Blood Volume 111..., BloodBucket Productions

Various - Belly Full Riddim, The Explorer Recording Co.

Various - Big Fun Volume 1, Trinity Records

Various - Canadian Cuts Volume One, NTCD / Rocks! / 95.1 FM The Peak

Various - Caught in the ACT 2001, Caught in the Act

Various - Christmas For Lovers, Verve Music Group

Various - Christmaspak Four, RDR Promotions

Various - Classic Christmas Collection, Bow Liquor Inc.

Various - Classic Christmas Collection Vol 4, Dynamic On-Line

Various - Classic Christmas Songs, Dynamic On-Line

Various - Classic Goa: Hits of the Millennium, A Konkani Album of Love Songs, Silviano Barbosa

Various - Cold Cuts, Coldgroove / Wirikuta

Various - Complexity, Coldgroove Records

Various - Connections, On Tap Productions

Various - Consider This..., Consider This...

Various - Countrypak Twenty-five, RDR Promotions

Various - Cuentos de la Cripta 2-Spanish Reggae Mix, Non Stop

Various- DJ Chris - Spotlight, New Brand Music

Various- DJ Chris - Eyewater, New Brand Music /Everything Criss Productions

Various - Dr. Evg. Sonny Okosuns Gospel Compilation Vol. 1, Celebrity Records

Various - Dreamscapes, Volume 1, PhilCan Music

Various - Elementary Folk Dance (Division II), Can-Ed Media

Various - Fragrance From Within, RR Productions / Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

Various - From The Ground Up, indiepool

Various - Ghettocentric, Smooth Sailing Records

Various - Gotham Recordings: The Soundtrack, EMI/Gotham

Various - Haggarty Sound Studio presents Artists For Animals, Haggarty Sound Studio

Various - *Harambee! (*A Party With A Purpose*), Tia Anita Project

Various - Hey! Where'd The Summer Go?, Humblebee Recordings

Various - Hi-Life Bash 1, Natro Productions

Various - Kahani Brahma Baba, RR Productions / Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

Various - Killer Knockouts Vol. 2, Gen-Sub Records

Various - Let Your Spirit Soar...-Newfoundland & Labrador Winter Games 2002, Youth Employment Strategy

Various - Local Steel-Sault Ste. Marie, Full Scale AudioProds.

Various - Millennium Compilation 2001, T/A John Lennon Records

Various - Midnite Blues Party, Electro-Fi Records

Various - Midnite Blues Party Volume Two, Electro-Fi Records

Various - Mind Your P's & Q's, Mind Your P's & Q's

Various - N49-Culture Canada Vol. 2 (Midem Comp), Elmira - Creative Muse

Various - Natural Disasters, Applause Indie

Various - New Order Tribute-Thieves Like Us, Something Inviting Records

Various - News From Nowhere, Plan Eleven

Various - Not There, Artists in Support of RSD in Guelph

Various - Open Door 03, Indie

Various - Open Door Festival of Music, Indie

Various - Open Door 05, Indie

Various - Open Door '06, Indie

Various - Planet Compilation, Planet Records

Various - Portraits In Jazz, Radioland Enterprises

Various - Pucker Up, Persuasion Records

Various - Real Divas - Torch Light....Volume 1, 7 Arts Entertainment

Various - Real Divas II (torch light volume 2), 7 Arts Entertainment

Various - Ripples of Sound, Indie

Various - Santa's Got Mojo (An Electro-Fi Christmas Blues Celebration), Electro-Fi Records

Various - Saturn Compilation, Saturn Distributors

Various - Sonic Obliteration Vol. 1, Utopian Vision Music

Various - Sonic Obliteration Vol. 2, Utopian Vision Music

Various - Sonic Obliteration Vol. 3, Utopian Vision Music

Various - 2004 Southside Shuffle-Dancin' In the Street, Southside Shuffle & The Iridescent Music Company Inc.

Various - Spectacular Spas Music From The Series, PREOMusic Productions Inc.

Various - Spirit of the North, Festivals New Liskeard

Various - Spotlight, Newbrandmusic

Various - Stephan's Dream, Map Enterprises Ltd.

Various - Surreal Estate, Planet Entertainment

Various - The New Rock .ca Volume 1 (featuring recording artists Krome & Chunk), Loud Sound Productions Inc.

Various - The Open Door Festival of Music -Believing in Ourselves, Red Door Shelter

Various - The Power Of Love-Operatic Excerpts Inspired by Love, VMS Production

Various - Tia Anita Project - The Stephen Lewis Foundation

Various - Together Like Voltron, 101st Airborne Productions

Various - Toronto Blues Society 20 Years, Toronto Blues Society

Various - Trails of Smoke, Bubble One Sounds/Supermono Records/Page

Various - True North Records 2005, True North Records

Various - True North Records Vol. 1, 2007 (Midem), True North Records

Various - True North Records/High Romance Vol. 2, 2007 (Midem, True North Records

Various - Twisted-Compilation of Alternative Bands, Smirnoff Citrus Twist

Various - Unsigned 89-New Music Seminar, Agfa/Ten Ten

Various - Up Roar 99, Listen Up

Various - Various Artists (Volume II), System 77

Various - Woke Up Smiling, Bedazzled Records (6)

Various - Women's Blues Revue Live, Toronto Blues Society

Various - World Vision - No Hungry Children, Humanwave Records

Various - Yet To Form, Atitlan Industries

Various - You Gotta See euys-Folk Alliance 2000, Phil & Althea Doolittle

Varsity Jews A Cappella - This One's A Kippah, Indie

Vegasphere - Exitwound, Something Inviting

Venus - La Vita (Gennaro Giuseppe), Indie

Vibrolux - Love Is A Drug, Indie

Vibrolux - Blaze On, Indie

Vibrolux - Miami, Indie

Vile Richard - How To Find & Fascinate a Mistress, Indie

Vineet Vyas - Taalworks, Indie

Vinnick Sheppard Harte - And They All Rolled Over..., Indie

Vinnie Pace - Both Sides, Me Music

Violet Lyal - The Sky Floats, Indie

Visa - Paiment Automatique des Factures par Cartes Visa, Indie

Visions Of the Night - EnVisioning the New Age, Independent

Visions Of the Night - Externalizing Caligination, Independent

Vivienne Williams - Infatuated (CD single), Benchmark/Brunswick Records

Vivienne Williams - My Tempation, Benchmark/Brunswick Records

Vladimir Sitnikov - Classical and Jazz Compositions for Guitar, CP Talent Studio

Voice - Two Sides To Every Face, Voice

Voices of Joy - Voices of Joy, Choirs Ontario/Ontario Trilliam Foundation

Voyces Past - Thoughts and Fancies, Voyces Past


W. Mark Sutherland - Oral Cavity, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

W. Mark Sutherland - Notes & Songs From the Pan American Highway, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

Walter Hautzig - My Favorite Encores, Americus Records Inc.

Wanman - ...Soundtrack From The Motion Picture Of My Mind, Silver Label

Warren Chambers - At Last, Warren Chambers

Warren Greig Trio - Warren Greig Trio, Olive Tree Music

Washbrook - A Gypsy's Bed - A Tribute To Lenny Breau, Washbrook

Wathahine - Journey, Wathahine

Wayne Cass - The New Piano, Canadian Heritage

Wayne Horvath & Neil Whittle - As Is, Horwitt Productions

Welcome Karma - Flying Saucer Express!!!, Welcome Karma

Wendy O'Neil - Such A common Bird, Spirit River Distribution

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Fuck You, (A Retropective), Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - WOW, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Maggots: The Record, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Kommander Of Kaos, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Beyond TheValley Of 1984, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - New Hope/Metal Priestess, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Deffest and Baddest, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Put Your Love In Me, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Coup De Grace, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - Finals Days, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics - 10 Years Of Revolutionary Rock And Roll, The DVD , Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy Robin - Ain't Nobody, GMR Records

Westpoint - Love and Comfort in a Time of Confuse, Independent

Wetwork - Synod, Krankenhaus Records

Wézon - Transformation, Wézon Music

Wézon - Stage Two, Wézon Music

What's New...Tattoo - What's New ...Tattoo, You Got It! Entertainment

White Elephant - Songs of the Mind, Mert Music

Wibi - 20/20 Hearing, Indy

Wibijazz'n' - Live, Wibijazz'n'

Wibijazz'n' - Going Places, Wibijazz'n'

Wibijazz'n' - In The Pocket, Wibijazz'n'

Wild T - We Want Stanley, Wild T

Wild T - Stnge Modern, Wild T

Wilder - From the Forthcoming CD "City Lights", Wilder

Will Of The Ancients - Will Of The Ancients, Northern Storm Records

William Carn - Other Stories, William Carn

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - "Nothin' But The Blues Y'All", Juke Joint Records

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith And The Northern Blues Legends - Blues From The Heart, Juke Joint Records

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and The Juke Joint Rockers - Bluesin' It, Electro-fi Records

Willis Hiscock - Lost, Fortress of Freedom Inc.

Wings Of Love - The Verdict, Wings Of Love

Winnipeg Wind Ensemble - Saturn Sky (Andrew Klassen, Conductor), Winnipeg Wind Ensemble (6)

Woke Up In Vegas - The Story Unfolds..., Headtraffic Recordings

Woods Of Ypres - Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat, Krankenhaus Records

Woods Of Ypres - Woods III: Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues, Krankenhaus Records

Woods Of Ypres - Woods 4: The Green Album/Slaughter Of The Seoul, Krankenhaus Records

Woodshed - The Greed of My Desire, Woodshed

(Working Title) - the.winter.of.our.discotheque., Indy


X-Hale - Let It Out, X-Hale Music

Xiaoping Li - It'll Be Alright, Help-Exchange


Thirteen Yards to Victory (13 YTV) American Dreamers, Balboni Communications Group

Yaco Valero - Solos for Six Strings, The Headroom Productions

Yanick Allwood - Inspired, Listen Up Production (6)

Year of the Monkey 68 -Year of the Monkey 68, Indie

Yeekodi - Kaakyire Kwame Appiah, Yeekodi

Yemane Kidane - Instrumental Eritrean Songs, Yemane Kidane

Yo - Strange Life, Indie

Yogi Amitram - Truth & Transcendence, Buddham Yoga

Yohanna - Detours, Quantum Records

Your Enemy Closer - Your Enemy Closer, Indie

Yours, Etc. - Nibble My Bum?, Indie

Yuzuru Syogase/Kaiser Nietzsche - Yuzuru Syogase/Kaiser Nietzsche, Artware Products (6)


Zaffi Gousopoulos - The Queen's Incurable Inglish, Mousike Productions

Zak Peters - Turning Point, Grow 3 & ZakCom Enterprises

Zeineb Beshir - Zeineb Beshir, Indie

Zoe Paliare - If I Could, Sweetpea Productions

Other Selected Credits

(commercials, SFX work and special projects)

BMG & Virgin Records/See Hear Prod: voice overs and/or digital editing for TV/ radio spots/promo videos re artists such as: Alan Jackson, Ace Of Base; Ben Heppner, Brooks & Dunn, Charlie Major, Cirque Du Soleil, Crash Test Dummies, David Bowie, Fresh Prince, Michelle Wright, R. Kelly, John Bottomly, Lenny Kravitz, Prairie Oyster, Rolling Stones, Svengali, The Nylons; Juno Awards Press Conference Video Presentation (l995 & l996), Kennedy Cartoons, Lenz Entertainment, Music Manufacturing Services, Program Design Group, Ragtop Productions, RDR Music Group, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Dominion Bank