Silverbirch Productions buys three AC cables.

Well, we really weren't going to say anything about this, but given that the cables cost over $600. each, we decided we had better mention it!

Andy, our mastering engineer, was chatting to Danny McKinney, builder of our most wonderful Requisite L2M Tube Mastering Limiter/Expander compressor and Danny mentioned Requisite had designed some special AC cables. He said they would noticeably improve the sound of our gear and suggested that we try them.

Normally, one would scoff at such an idea but if Danny said they were good, we were determined to test them.

So one day, during an accappella mastering session, the cables arrived. Given that this well recorded album (a fine group called "Wibbi'jazz'n'") would be an ideal session to test the cables, both Andy and the recording engineer, Dylan Bell, were curious to see if they could hear the difference. They closed the session and, as instructed by Danny, replaced the AC cables of three key pieces of gear with the new ones.

After restarting and booting up the session, neither of them could quite believe what they were hearing! The difference was subtly dramatic, almost like the difference between 16 bit and 24 bit audio.

Needless to say, we bought the cables!

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