Awesome job! They sound great - I'm really impressed! You can send the master at your earliest convenience to my work address that I gave you.

Thanks again for doing such a great a job. I'll definitely recommend Silver Birch Productions in the future.

Jeff Coghill

The Coggs "Blackjack And Cigarettes", mastered by Andy Krehm

"Hi Ron:

Thanks so much and I really do appreciate all of your extra time and special attention. I love working with you and Silverbirch as a whole. You are all such kind, generous and fun, and GREAT people. The results speak for themselves and I love referring you and will continue too. Please thank Andy again for the T-shirt. My boyfriend is loving his. And his name is Lee Wallace, just in case the day comes and he walks in.



Laura Nashman many CDs mastered and/or manufactured at Silverbirch

Hi guys!

Just wanted to send all of you a quick shout out to say Thanks! A big thanks from recording, mixing, mastering, design and production. I have had a lot of fun with this project and do wish to extend my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and assistance in making this a great experience for me.

I have launched my website if you guys want to take a look: <http://www.jusepsim.com>www.jusepsim.com and I do hope that I will be bugging all of you again in the future. This has been an absolute delight and I have all you to thank!



Toronto, Ont, Sat, 13 Oct 2007

Thanks for the great job yesterday... the cd sounds awesome... and thanks for educating us on the process, it'll help us in the future...

We'll probably be by some time soon to get some cds pressed...

Thanks Al"

"Hi Ron / Bruce

Thanks to you and your team for the excellent job, perfection! Much, much appreciated! Hope to get back to you with more production in the near future.

Regards Carol"


Hi Andy.

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how GREAT my disc sounds... better than I ever could have dreamed. It has all the qualities now I couldn't put on it myself--warmth, sparkle and all that. And the bottom end PUMPS, especially on track 9.

Am getting the final design materials together for the manufacturing and will bring it in sometime in the next two weeks. Had a nice chat with Ron when I came in to pick it up, he is a great guy too.

I am finishing up my first vinyl releases and will be bringing them in sometime this spring. I feel a lot more confident in my mixes now knowing what can be done to them at your end.

Cheers Terry Gambarotto Fool Skool"

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