Hi Ron

Just want to say thanks so much for turning this project around so quickly for us. All went well and everyone was happy.


Lisa Shields Ontario Power Generation A/V and Graphics Design Supervisor"

"Hey Andy:

Thank you so much for the great sound -- stellar job as usual!!

Over the last couple of days, I've tried the master out on a number of different systems and it translates incredibly well. My brother was saying he couldn't believe how clear the mixes sounded.... and I definitely agree!

Take it easy, Jamie"

Jamie Bonk "My World" Bonk Productions

"Hi Andy,

When I walked into Silverbirch I hoped you and Terry could salvage what I started a few years back. Let me say the work that was done exceeded my expectations and lived up to my hopes.

Where this project was when I walked in the door in June and where it is now can only be measured in light years! It now sounds like a CD and I can play it for people without trotting out that old tired list of excusess. Who could ask for anything more? I want to thank you both. You will be hearing from me again."

Marc Lessard aka six odd souls

Mixed by Terry Sawchuk & mastered by Andy Krehm


I had my single "choked up" which was on heavy rotation on FLOW 93.5 this past summer which was mastered at your studio for an amazing price and really nice quality. thank you for your time and continued success,


Hi Andy,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the great work you did mastering our material. Steve and I listened to the mastered mixes and we were both amazed at how infinitely better it all sounds! We really enjoyed the experience and hope to work with you again.

Cheers Andrew Hunter, Trench Run

Hello Ron,

I just wanted to follow up on the Cd you made for the Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble. It is wonderful. Bruce did a great job with the insert and everyone who has purchased it is enjoying it so much. Thank you for your professional work. At this time, we may be 1/2 sold and I was wondering how long it would take to make a second run, if we should need it. How many days will it take to run another 500 copies?

Take care. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and thanks again.

Barb Monahan

Hey Andy,

Thanks for doing a great job! Everyone here is very pleased. Many compliments on the organic nature of the sound.

We are planning a record release for January, so if you're around Edmonton in January.... We'll have a ticket on reserve for you. Thanks for putting the icing on an already great album, we appreciate the ears!! Thanks Again!

Chris Smith

Andrea House, "Hearts Hotel" House Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hiya Andy,

Chyrell's cd sounds amazing! I played the cd for one of my singer friends and he was moved by Chyrell's singing; I told him that the mastering made a difference in bringing out Chyrell's vocal's character and expression. I can always count on you for superior mastering

Rodney Ronquillo

Hello Andy:

Thanks again for the wonderful job you've been doing mastering my records... here are two of the finished products for you!

Gareth Jones

Upper Class Recordings/EMI

The Russian Futurists, The Cansecos & Girlsareshort mastered by Andy Krehm

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