I had previously corresponded with someone from your company months ago about getting my cd's made through your company. You guys were most helpful and your website was also the best and most informative site on cd duplication in toronto. That is what originally made me want to do business with you, so know that it works well!

looking forward to hearing from you.


Chris Woodrow

Hi Andy,

Hope all is well. Just want you to know Ron and Bruce are great to work with. They are always helpful.

Jim Duchesneau Musique Jacquot & Sound Language Solutions


Thanks, I feel like you guys know what you're doing!- takin' good care of me start to finish!

Dean Wolfe

Hi Ron,

Thanks very much for all your good work on these projects for us. Our final shipment of CD's arrived today. Thanks again. In the future, we promise to get you the originals well in advance of the deadline so things won't be such a rush for the next time around.

Thanks again Ron, Deirdre Park Program Coordinator Center for Inner Freedom Barrie, Ontario

Dear Bruce,

Thank you so much for your great work on my CD.I love the colour scheme on the CD itself. Also thank you for getting it to Peterborough for Friday. It has already gone into distribution. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Sharon Murphy 11/22/05

Hi Andy,

Great job on the Master. Should be pressed, printed, and packaged by the end of the week. Words can't thank you enough. Ryan and Sam (The Weber Brothers) have always been impressed with your work. Now, I certainly understand. Thanks, man!

Rick Weber (Pap) 1/30/06

Pap And The Wildcats "The Line", mastered by Andy Krehm


When I come to Silverbirch, it's synonymous with being happy!

Pablo Terry 02/09/06

Pablo Terry "Life Is A Dream" Sol De Cuba, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry "Una Manana" Sol De Cuba, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry "South America Sensual" Sol De Cuba, mixed by Ted Onyszczak, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

Pablo Terry "Christmas Flute" Sol De Cuba, mixed by Terry Sawchuk, mastered by Andy Krehm & manufactured by Silverbirch

thanks Andy...

I'm really happy with the way the album sounds. I'll get a copy down to you soon.

take care, Michael


Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney - Coniferous Revenge, Independent

hi andy,

we spoke on the phone a few weeks ago and i had mentioned that jordan zadorozny had originally sent me to have an album (the flying public) mastered with you about a year ago and we were both really pleased with the price and results.

i have a new project now and want to have four short songs mastered, we have just finished mixing and i think we're all ready to go.

please let me know if you can help us out!




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