hi andy...

the stuff sounds awesome!!! exactly what we we're hearing. thank you so much.

donato Subject: Ionia mastering, nyc

Thu, 17 Mar 2005

Hi Ron, Hi Shandy,

On behalf of Joe Serafini, the owner of Crunch and our clients, Clive and Pat Dunstan at The St. James United Church, I wish to extend our thanks to both of you for everything.

Shandy, the client was extremely pleased with the final product. The design you came up with, based on very little input from us, was fantastic.

Ron, thank you for ensuring that we hit our deadline. You were extremely helpful to me in this process.

The Church has already sold 600 copies. And I believe that that was from the exposure at this past Sunday service alone!

Cheers Lisa

Toronto, Ont, Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hi Andy,

I'm hoping you'll remember mastering my polka record, the Ed Vrscay Trio on March the 18th.

I just realized I never got back to you to let you know (as if it wasn't obvious at this point) that the master turned out flawlessly. There were no audible anomalies on the CD itself and sonically the record is incredible thanks to you!

Hope to work with you again sometime soon,


hey andy, the master is really wicked. thank you so much! Tamara and I are very happy with it... no touchups needed. it sounds perfect.

thanks again,


Tamara Podemski "Crack in the Floor" Produced by Karen Kosowski, mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions

Hi Andy,

How's it going? We have both listened to the tracks and they sound great! Nice job!!

Take care and see you soon.


Decoded Feedback "Combustion" Out Of Line Records, mastered by Andy Krehm

Hey Andy

We have all had a week to listen to the album on many different systems, and we all agree.....

it sounds awesome. we do not require any tweeking. we are happy with the low vocal level in places. its exactly what we were going for.


Ass Machine "We Are Changing Our Name", mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions, 2005

Hey Andy,

As usual......, nothing but Excellence. It sounds Great........! Great job!!!

Thank you so much,


Hmura "Face The Sun", mastered by Andy Krehm, 2005

hi andy - kim addison here...just did a search for myself on the internet cuz someone said there was a cool page about me that i didn't even know about - and i realised that i was listed on your client contact link page - just to let you know you can link my name to my website if you wouldn't mind... my website is www.kimaddison.com

thanks and cheers! hope all is well with you! PS: my album's been doing quite well - getting significant airplay on many stations here in TO but a ton in the US! it's cool! thanks for all you guys did for me! i am getting a lot of sales from my website!!! people even email me from the states an ask for an autographed photo!!! very neat!

glad peoplea are enjoying it!


Kim Addison "Born To Be Blue", mixed by Terry Sawchuk, mastered by Andy Krehm and manufactured by Silverbirch Productions

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